One indie film that has put the entertainment industry in frenzy is Half Dead Fred, shot in Holland Michigan.  We have to give the credit to the director billy LAx for its wonderful plot as he wrote the screenplay for it.  But CC bel would like to play a role in shooting it as he is an excellent cinematographer.  Can the Transformer movies ever be as good as they once were with their superhero animated characters?  The expresso films VFX professional Cheng thinks so.  It provides entertainment for the ages as people take their mother, father, sister, and dog to see these great pieces of art. When America turns to theaters then the indie film industry revenue will increase. We will see Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman over again. What a treat. Julia’s characterization of Pretty Woman was huge. Robert DE Niro is another super talent.  I don’t much care for him, but he is the only guy that I can think of now. Whoopie Goldberg who married Ted Danson was the actor who was in Cheers. Cheers never graced the cinema, unfortunately.  But Ted Danson has starred in some mega-budget movies and so has Whoopie Goldberg, just not in any Saturday night television shows on cable TV. Pasadena California is the home of Espresso films.  We create blogs for filmmakers such that they can feel free to express their ideas to other professional moviemakers. Mostly, bloggers write on the themselves, but a few write on micro-budget indie films. These small projects are being shot by movie directors from California Blvd in Pasadena California. If you were to go to South Lake Street and you were to find a restaurant that major that bit characters frequent, hang out in, it would be Burger Continental. I wrote a screenplay about an actress in Burger Continental.  I was an engineer at Parsons Engineering in Old Town and use to hang out at Burger Continental and meant a waitress there that was shooting her short for a demo.  It was a fun time in my life and I run across a lot of interesting movie characters.  But the real movie is Manic Pixie Dream Girl and the aspect ratio used by the director of photography was very impressive in the scene shot with the actress close to the bean pole.  When the camera panned to the right, the cinematographer should have moved to the left as the movie director was right in line with the shot making the characters duck a bit because the gaffer had to get his film equipment moved to accommodate the mood of the scene.  But these great scenes will not make us forget the story line told by the most experienced screenwriters in the corporate world of Hollywood.  If you go to Sunset and Vine, you will find the want o be kids who migrated from Missouri to make it in the movie business.  These are not what the experts of the indie film world are made up of.  When I lived in Pasadena, for example, I would meet coffee house workers who were stuffing all their customers who appeared to be in the movie business their head shots on the seats when they got up to use the bathroom.  Not a good idea since you will not get an acting job that way and probably get fired.  Bottom line, don’t tell me what I am thinking as it is not good for your entertainment career.  Be careful on what CGI or VFX post indie film guy you talk to because he can not help you.  The co stars of most of the creations they perform  in their labs can probably do most of the post production that they can do  because it is not very hard.  They spend all night in their basements trying to fake everybody into believing it is a difficult career, but post production is rather simple.  It is more time consuming than anything.  Get a real job at McDonalds billy LAx says to Maxx TEE and you will be served better.  Or at least paid better.  But Maxx TEE is hard-headed as he charges for the door of his true love.  He is a devoted Digital Marketer and that is that.  But he does take time once in a while to increase his value to his mommy who supports her first love for her sweet Maxx TEE to do and that is to be a independent movie maker.  Maxx is disappointed in that as he really loves his LinkedIn connections.  But then there is another day and another competitor in CC bel who is also a digital marketer.