A bunch of low budget independent movies will be financed this year by Pasadena Films studios in light of the new emergence of the digital film marketing season.  Our love for the movies is beyond pale as billy LAx and Maxx TEE set off on a new storytelling adventure coming up with the best screenplays in the entertainment business.  They will surpass the expectation of the moviesbyespresso film bloggers and they will make great horror movies as part of the package that they will market at the New York Film Festival.  But Matt Damon will also be in the thoughts of the Movies by espresso bloggers.  The largest independent movies that have been made can indeed compete with studio films.  You  take a look at Pulp fiction which was actually an arthouse move and created by moviemaker Vencent Tarantino was fifteen million dollars and the actors had marquee value.  Ted Cassady was one massive actor and he played in the horror movie Half Dead Fred.  Reese Witherspoon is a grade a list leading lady for studio flicks.  Now lets look at the way most of the executive producers that will not fulfill their dream of being a major Festival caliber Film Director, or having their screenplay made into an story for the silver screen, or becoming an industry professional, they will quit and go back home, telling their Hollywood failure stories about the micro-budget independent movies they starred in. Tinsel Town also has created lots of lending agents and other professionals out of skilled lighting gaffers, distributer professionals, promotion professionals  and all kinds of entertainment people who have switched gears because their career in motion pictures is gone to the wind.   Or for that matter dancers who then travel to Broadway and have a long and exciting career entertaining the New York fan crowds. They spread the excitement of Hollywood entertainment independent movies all throughout Southern California.  In the international recording industry we have found a lot of very clever artists that perform each and every weekend at some concert in the Mid-west.

If you ask them their stories, they will tell you that the buzz, which is a common name for loser to call their Hollywood business efforts to create a master piece, is tough and unforgiving but the excitement of Hollywood parties and all the fake losers will provide memories forever. If you have a kid, the Los Angeles entertainment business is probably not the best career to go into within the world of the indies. For the most.  But if you are an adult and love to play games, like I was in the 90s, it is for you.  Love lets you win once in a while, but not often.  It usually provides you with shocking defeats.   The independent movies Critiques will not be kind to you if your acting performance is subpar and the film stars are very sensitive to bad editorials so you had better stick with quality reporting companies like Movies by Espresso.   You can dance with the prettiest girls in the entertainment business and you will not win.  But keep dancing my friend and you will dance yourself back to Missouri.   Then you will suffer from your friend’s making fun of you and all your glorious efforts in the “buzz”   You will laugh until you drop and you will struggle like you have never struggled before fighting the VFX post production and creative arm of the lucrative independent movies.  Now for the opportunities to work on production stages not associated with the solo films such as getting a job below the line on Marvel Studios Black Widow.  It is of a low probability you will make much money and the hours will be huge as well as the stress levels created by high pressure movie directors.  They yell and scream at the lighting people, the show runners and everyone else to get their movie shoot in under twenty-five days.  The last of the great cause of Hollywood will not be lost on CC bel as he is taking his independent movies that he recommends to Espresso Films serious. The lower time limits are do to lower production costs and more money in the talent agent’s pocket so if you are a gaffer, you better rush your perfect job.  But billy LAx is out in West Hollywood promoting each one of his movie bloggers from the site moviesbyespresso  He truly loves them and wants to find each a place in the entertainment business to assure their career success in the cinema.  He has just found two screenwriters jobs working for Universal Studios and script doctors and is working on jobs for our cinematographers.  But it really looks like a job for our set designer will be next.  In any case, billy LAx approaches the independent movies business adventure as a singular job dimension like a hound dog on a rabbit in Michigan.  He finds jobs for the below the line all the time and he gives those movie bloggers he can’t find jobs for lots of sensitivity.  They are important to him and he never stops writing about their film adventures and publishing it on Movies by Espresso website.  In the end Reese Witherspoon will get the acting role in the Death of a Salesman, the eighties classic that had one great storyteller to promote the screenplay.  But the theaters need to change their attitudes about the production so we can get further into the spotlight and create much better scripts so the Espresso Films Reporters like Maxx TEE will have a much better camera angle to focus on and the independent movies he blogs about will have a better theme, possibly an arthouse story.