The ten highest coveted films this year is spear headed by one great independent movie by the name of Swing Blade a little small budgeted movie.  Billy Thornton starred in this movie and it made his marquee name.  Reese Witherspoon turned down the costar in the film which was a big mistake by her talent agency William Morris. But if she had been with ICM it would have been a different story because they would allow her to do more than major Disney flicks.  Rocky, the huge successful small budgeted movie made back in the early 60s would love to have the success of Swing Blade.  Rocky was shot with an old type of movie camera where Swing Blade was shot by a high tech digital movie camera.  My actress girlfriend got upset so I took her to see an Independent movie and she settled down.  If you were to produce a flick like this, you would be one of the few Hollywood producers ever to do so.  Most silver screen pieces of art never see a commercial day in their lives. There are thousands of screenplays, laying on some director’s desk collecting dust.  They get read by script readers which work for the major independent movie Hollywood companies and then get left in limbo, never getting made.  It is hard to imagine the wasted screenwriter time in creating a book which never gets made.  Actors would love to be marquee in these stories.  The composers are skilled story tellers, and they make their living with their pens put to creating these wonderous stories.  But these story tellers will never be happy or satisfied until they produce a treatment that becomes the real thing, an indie film.  Watch out entertainment world, here come the kids, hundreds of them, especially stunt doubles which are Directors of Photography.  Some of these cinematographers are also YouTube video editors.  They edit their small little video to prepare it for internet production.  Online proficiency is massively important.  We must create and environment here at Espresso such that our bloggers can come and market their ideas.  Stay with our member bloggers and editorials and you will have great luck.  Movies by Espresso billy LAx will network our professionals  Animators can also be included in this list of our members.  Cinematographers who shoot video instead of 35 mm film are included also.  They can shoot all the girls they find in Santa Monica wanting to get into the buzz  We hope they do and submit their videos to our site.  The indies produce a lot of talent that goes unrecognized by the studios who thing they are all that and a bag of chips. When they go down to the wire, they can not compete with the guys who are not the “in crowd” as with the spoiled brat UCLA drama school graduate who is over paid and under worked.  When the forces from West Los Angeles come up against the Beverly Hills crowd, it is not hard to guess who will bow.  But in the end, we need to all work together to make the entire film industry work together to get flicks for everyone and that includes the international independent movie makers.  Those guys from other countries who are vesting their time and hope and dreams into this unforgiving field need to be applauded too.  We need to devote more time and money to making sure their endeavors do not go unrewarded.  Movies by Espresso has lots of film bloggers from other parts of the world like Africa, the Middle East and South America.  We even have Cheng, our VFX professional from China.  She is an amazing lady who has CGI talents also and needs an opportunity with one of our studio customers.  When a production set gets designed by one of our movies by espresso members, it is done right.  They  put their tender loving care into each stage prop they can find and it is all built with perfection so that the most detail orientated director is happy with the results and the cast will look like they need to, to win a Grammy.  In the show that Kiefer Sutherland played in 24 hours, they build some production sets that would make the biggest of studio sets feel envy.  Can you imagine those really nasty guys that was trying to torture Jack getting their paybacks as our action hero took it to them?  Well, that was a TV show, but Kiefer Sutherland also did an independent movie called Batman.  It was a significant film that had a huge box office draw and lots of film fans.  The result was the actor became and overnight Hollywood star and also did well on Broadway.