In this year of 2020, we find our independent film critique as very harsh.  It is focused on the negative parts of the actors and not on the positive parts of the actors unless you are Reese Witherspoon.  But Matt Damon also gets good reviews and his story is often sad about his fake school teacher mother that he calls on anytime somebody is making hay about his method acting approaches to even the easiest scenes.  But then there is Ben Affleck that likes to get his name out there after he lets some NY Yankee baseball star do his girlfriend actress.  To this day, in Arcadia California, you can see the effects of billy LAx’s great entertainment efforts in all the cinemas which play the Maxx TEE’s adventures day in and out. CC bel is also a first-time want to be whose concept efforts have aided the resurrection of great Independent film creations like Reservoir Dogs by Quintin Tarantino. These superb pieces of art have helped the entertainment industry into the greatest degree a young inexperienced and sometimes traumatized child like CC bel could be affected. So, when billy LAx talks about Movies by Espresso and the blog which is helped by actor Jack Yatim, please pay grand attention to the beautiful words. Maxx TEE is a poor and humble prankster with an arrogant past that billy LAx has cured.   He thinks he is a movie mogul, but he is struggling to put his first package together. So let’s all be in an effort to support him and his incredible and deplorable ways of helping our members and the futile endeavors to increase his standings in guild.  Peace be with the writers agency that we plan on starting under the umbrella of our website efforts to connect its members.  It will turn to a heavy business with lots of customers requiring the very best of screenplay writers.   Jack Yakim will be one of our creators as he was our first indie movie blogger.  Being from South America, how could this only be but a dream for him as an up and coming and above the line talent.  His introduction narrative needed some help from billy but turned out great.  I don’t know how much of Jack Yikem’s blog is true, but it is written with great skill.  But in the end, we need great artists like him and he will light up the theater screens everywhere including Brazil, his country.  Jack’s girl that he hangs out with a model in San Palo.   As we head to the end of our narrative, we must give a plug to the indies in Brazil.  Belfast is an exciting festival favorite of 2022 creating industry wide ‘buzz’  The creation has created a love relationships amongst countries who treat it as a bargaining tool in doing business within their associations. Tensions rise when the film is criticized as producers take it personal. Rotten tomatoes gives it a thumbs up and writes like the guy who directed it is a generous Hollywood guy.   He is anything but that being the stereotype burnt out Hollywood film broker.  Time to Die is a huge studio creation that is designed to overrun every independent film production company in the industry.  In and itself, we can not compliment the characterization of the main actors.  They did not do the internalizing of the characters that they normally do, hence the chemistry of the scenes was not there.   Disney Jungle Cruise is another 2022 monster budget flick causing the family fans to rush their kids to the closest theater hoping to get the tickets before they are sold out.  The kids are screaming for popcorn and cokes more than they are what seats they get to watch this marvelous animation Disney CGI guys came up with.  They sure will be able to take this to the New York Film Festival and get the number one award from there.  But what about Cannes International since they are about experimental only.  The indies as a whole will love Disney for their efforts to bring small kids to the companies box office revenues.  But Tarantino fans may not get such a delight because the movies just aren’t nasty enough for them.  But in the storm, Hollywood Heavyweights always come through.  They try doing the studio flicks but most cannot get the cooperation of the studio executives so they have to come down a bit. Some try documentaries but most do not want to go that low. They want to do something fun like go to film festivals and talk to international foreign distribution sales executives who are wearing sunglasses at night because they think they are so cool, they can see better than anyone else.  But in the end, an independent film production company is their best hope of getting back into the game of making movies once the studios have kicked them out for playing badly with the actresses.  It is not of their value to go back to talking to Julia Roberts once she has turned you in for being a bad boy on her studio production set.