We are now creating SEO on the fifth page of the indie movie keyword theme for our Espresso Film website.  Here we will be critiquing Home Alone 2 which was shot in the eighties.  It was a Christmas movie about this cute little kid who wound up for the second year in a row, losing his family and capturing some criminals.  The film studio Warner Bros put it on and distributed the film to the foreign sales markets. But the Transformers was a much better studio movie as it was an animation movie and required VFX to complete the post production.  The foreign theaters had deals cut before the movie even started.  Huge fan base was in Japan and we made the Asian film markets successful with this family themed movie.  But Matt Damon did even better as the male lead in his two dogs and a cat movie directed by billy LAx and reported by Espresso Films.  The year will bring the cinema and love interests to all filmmakers involved. Our bloggers will write on Canadian flicks shown with Montreal indie movie Theater releases. This could be a classic shown as far up in Canada as the Hudson Bay where fans standing in lines are cold and big polar bears go to see the shows too.

To create a new production from a first-time screenplay writer is a monumental task. First, you must convince a film investor to put money up for a script with major questions in it. Then you have to convince an agency such as ICM or the William Morris agency to supply a director with a solid, and successful background of putting together a project. The idea did not become a big entertainment business by being careless.  Well, I just got Movies by Espresso Google AdSense Account ID sent. It was an all-day affair and billy LAx would not appreciate this because it is eating up his time  so he has to make up time as much as  possible. We are now approaching 15000 LinkedIn filmmakers in the combination accounts of Maxx TEE and CC bel. These accounts are used to get film bloggers to join the Movies by Espresso’s website.  If you look for the our indie movie website, by spending all day long on Google and Bing, with hundreds of key words, you will google moviesbyespresso   If Tom Hanks was to walk into Kroger and order a gallon of milk from the deli, do you think all the starlets that are shopping in that store would approach him? Surely, he would drop everything and do whatever his talent agent would tell him to do for their benefits.  Oh, I don’t think that Hanks or his agents give a rip about young hurting kids trying to get the fame that he has.  Espresso films is all about excellence in film reporting.  Our movie bloggers are the best in the business and have a lot to offer to any entertainment firm wanting to employ their expert movie making skills.  The Television networks could make worst ideas than to employ our film editors too.  CC bel would make a great Television executive and probably go to the top of CBS if they were smart enough to listen to his cinematic approaches to shooting TV actors on the stage set in North Hollywood.  But in the deep blue sea of motion pictures, there lurks Maxx TEE  who is Movies By Espresso first time film director.  Maxx TEE is now casting for his indie movie, Dark Raven who will star Meg Ryan as the girlfriend of Matt Daman.  Leo will try to steel her away in this Thriller plot, but Matt Daman stops him with a punch to the chops, but it is all fake because the scene calls for stunt doubles.