Home Alone 2 is a huge studio film shot back in the nineties and it displays a loving family at Christmas.  The indie film that most resembles Home Alone 2 is the new movie billy LAx has financed called two dogs and a cat and will be brought to the public film fan this year after billy LAx and CC bel cut their distribution marketing deal with Universal’s film distribution arm.  The low budget New York film student shot House of Screams, a super horror movie, will take the indies like a storm, fighting off all kinds of completion from many other romance comedies this year.  In the year of action films, nothing any better than House of Screams. Talk about a great movie, how about Midnight Express in the early seventies. I was in the Navy when I saw that independent movie and it kept me awake for a week. We went out to sea, and we had these projectors that we would play 16 mm indie film on. It made the time much better when you knew that you could dream about your favorite starlet. But San Diego was close to Santa Monica Boulevard where all the actors would hang out so you could easily hop in your car and get to one of the many nightclubs in Los Angeles to see your celebrity. Or you could get to the Mans Chinese theater and see the tourists getting their picture taken with the Charlie Chaplin meme. The very same theater that you can watch is Arnold Swartznagger, Sylvester Stallone, Julia Roberts, Kevin Costner all-star in their own individual love interests in huge supplies at the cafes in and about West Los Angeles. You could see the submarine races in Pasadena California if you were in the right place on the mountain where Cal Tech observatory was. After that, you could see your own TV show being played right there on California Blvd.   Lake street also brings the entertainment crowd out as all the way up and down the street, near Burger Continental. Macy’s was always a place where megabuck box office smashes were watched by the kids.

When Shirley Temple made the indie movie Christmas movie I was just a small boy.  Yea, that tells you how old I am.  But in any case, it was an exciting time in my young robust life as I played little league baseball and bannered with my friends over the TV show batman and robin.  Remember Alfred the butler?  That was back in the day  of black and white TV and when going to the movies was a huge deal that you did not do all the time and that was the only place you could see the old time film stars like Humphry Bullard.  We did not see the funny comedies Arnold made like Kindergarten Cop.  That movie would have kept us busting up on the playground.  But we mostly talked about Maxwell Smart and Agent 99.  But there was nothing close to Cheers as Ted Danson stole the TV show.  Ted was an ex Red Sox pitcher and it was a really cool character the TV writers dreamed up.  The mailman was a really good idea.  But we had to see the movies too in Boston as there are a lot of stars that came from there including Tony from NCIS who came from Foxboro Massachusetts.  Tim and Tony were a smash on NCIS as they reported to Leroy Gibbs who has just quit the show in 2021.  I am sorry to see him go.  Maybe he will make an indie film like everyone else that retires from TV.  But Mark Harmon lasted 19 years on that show. Tell me NCIS was not a hit.  In the end, everyone quit watching the show and you better believe Tim can’t hold the audiences. The show will be gone in 2023.