What are the ten best movies of the year?  Well you need to go Espresso films to find that independent movie that will motivate you to love this movie art that are made from one of the best production companies in the world.  If you look hard, you will find horror films and romantic comedies all over the European nations.  They will indeed go to the film festivals year and year and be sold at the American Film Market.  The drama schools all over the US will teach their students about the cinematic approaches to making movies and they will show the step by step processes.  Do not think that the distributors will not want to purchase the licenses from the Film festival awarded movies. They are indeed from one end of Southwest Missouri to the other end and they call them an independent movie. Due to the lack of producers in the area, Deer hunting, and bear hunting ideas are not available. We highly recommend Movies by Espresso billy LAx and CC bel move towards the magnificent Maxx TEE to create a set of shows to take the place of the defunct guy now that he is retired from Espresso Films which blogs for the indies.   The showcasing will not be exuberant. The starlets from Hollywood tinsel town will not be gracing the Southwest Missouri anytime soon.   In the 80s we had great TV shows like MASH that were turned into successful two hour features by some Hollywood movie producer who  could see the can’t loose film investment.   I have done my research of companies that produce lighting and they are on every corner of the globe.  Some of them are really bright and then there are others that will not light a production stage near what it needs to be lit to get the shot video taped correctly.  If Augusta Georgia cinematic releases of two-hour feature film and action-packed TV is as large as Albany Georgia’s release of their indie movies throughout the state of Georgia, we will be gassed. Presently, the Movies by Espresso film blog is the hottest movie editorial in Orange County. The independent movie industry of Holland Michigan is mostly on Sunset Blvd where lots of Starlets live.    These women move in and out of the talent agencies all day long trying to get positions in the newest concept developments. CC bel knows this and hangs out at the coffee shops trying to recruit movie bloggers. So in the conclusion of the obvious facts should always promote movie director and extraordinaire Maxx TEE  as he is on a quest to conquer Steven Spielberg’s top ranking.  It is in a nature of the Hollywood elite to want to be film directors however they usually do not have the talent required to tell that awesome visual story such that the normal movie fan would appreciate the twenty bucks he spends at the mall theater to watch it.  Popcorn might be good, but that is the best part of the whole night of entertainment when a disconnected director takes the helm.  But since they  are self financed, the production set is theirs for the command.  So the set runners will go get them their whiskey and tonic and let their drunk butts sit in the director’s chair and tell the over the hill stars what to do and they will do it.  So when the storyteller gets it right and the filmmaker is a legitimist trained artist from one of the drama schools, the independent movie will get raves from the critiques and the movie fans will sell out the theaters from coast to coast and from Nigeria to China.  We respect great movie makers and if there is marquee actors involved, it is better.  So if John Forsyth is starring in the film we should expect great returns on the investment and conversely if Maxwell Smart is the leading man, well forget it.