Clueless leading men will never be in Espresso films editorials and movie blogs because they are inept, they are indecent, they are stiff, and not warranted to work as dogs. Please do not put them in your next independent films business adventure as they do not deserve it. Temporarily, they adjust to male leads but that is only temporary as they do not watch moves or love their buddy’s daughter’s wife much.   But give them a dollar and they go to the Pilgrim theater in Washington DC and watch the next business take place. Completely bonkers are most of the little Hollywood actor dropouts as they unsuccessfully go to casting calls looking for that big home run ball in performing. But they perpetually lose out on the male lead positions and roles promised to women. The pretext that indie movie makers and cinematographers and crew chiefs and production crews do not work is inevitably not true. In fact, they work like camels in Arizona. Domonique Roberts explains it well when he says that a leading lady is nothing more than a movie makers child. Big businesses are not mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers. They do not hold their little movie-making hands. These are serious entertainment companies creating the best independent films with goals and agendas.   We admire our famous celebrities and their antics off screen.  Steven Baldwin comes to mind when he punched the photographer for taking pictures of him and his wife.  What is really funny, is when Billy Baldwin opposes Stevens strange leftwing politics.  How would you like to be at the Baldwins for Thanksgiving listening to them two go at each other?  What do you think of that hot actress Steven Baldwin married.  How would you like to convince her to have a couple kids that will grow up to be mega Hollywood Heavyweights and possibly as big of leading men as their father Steven Baldwin.  The Independent films animation business is truly a marvel of the twentieth century. In Egypt the international cinema made are mind-blowing. Espresso films movie editorials and movie blog has got several Egyptian and other international filmmakers blogging and joining. Peace in the Middle East is dependent on Israel, Jordon, Egypt, and many other countries defining their rudimentary and sometimes elegant movie business.  Get a movie moving in Russia is a big deal. The Russians will steal your camera equipment and many a film maker has sworn off Moscow for a shoot even though it is a cost effective place to make a movie.  The Russians will give you a below the line deal which means they  will invest all the camera equipment, stage setup, pay the below the line all for a piece of the movie, but beware, they are crooks and if your partnership is not verified by a US lawyer, you will not make a ROR for you directing skills.  However, it is fun to go to Russia and hang out with the Russian actresses at the Lazy Duck bar which is a really crazy bar in Moscow that all the dark Russian movie investors go to when they want to have a great time and plan on the back of a napkin the next slate of Russian Independent films.  But Dick Tracy would not approve of this mess, in his two hour feature that was produced by Warner Bros. and distributed world wide including in Moscow.  The studio movies that they show in Russia are mostly dubbed or they are show with voice overs.  The voice overs would surprise you on how it looks like the lips of the foreign actors are saying the foreign words.