Maxx TEE is putting together his feature that will be showcased at Cannes International Festival and will be an action-packed independent film starring Dan Goodman. Both CC bel and Maxx TEE work for Espresso Films movie blog and editorial website which is run by billy LAx. They are in the middle of the world like no other group of entertainment professionals in Hollywood.  He is our male lead in Espresso Films’ first production ever in the name of the Buffalo Bills, a Football script that will drive the fans mad. He will be our first-time movie director and we will have a cast of female lead that will grace the silver screens with elegance and glamour as any red-carpet Pasadena Emmie awards since the thirties. We expect Steven Spielberg to get his actors like Kevin Costner to be in our project that we will shoot as a prerequisite to theater distribution. How wonderous is worm CC bel in his crush on Hollywood scarlet Joan of the Arch? It is in rage billy LAx talks to his lower tier player Maxx TEE about his prospective Indie career choices.  But when the Westerns come out in the next edition of HBO great flicks, we will be wanting to go back to the time when we use to go to the mall to see our favorite shows.  But at the old Pasadena Mall the AMC theaters were not present in the quantity you would like to see them and it made taking your date to the cinema very uncomfortable.  But down Colorado Blvd a bit further is Old Town Pasadena which actually has two theaters and a very comfortable place to take your girlfriend to see a thriller.  Just be careful as there are not nice fans in the area.     In the depths of the sea is the Clare Wilson as she is in the cinematic creation by Maxx TEE to kill a bad man dead independent film.  His directorial debut is nothing but excellent as he makes his story teller come alive. He shows the film presence of a thirty-year experienced executive. His cast ranges from an omnipresent actor that is there in full costume. We commend CC bel in the custom production set he has designed by himself to meet Dream Work’s standard of excellence in a fishbowl. I just got done taking a shower at my fitness spa when I saw Steven Spielberg who was brushing his teeth next to me in my office.  In the lower creation of Wilshire Blvd, and I am not talking the part where it connects with Beverly Hills, but down by the inner city of Los Angeles, where the gangs are trolling, we find the Harley Davidson type film producers trying to cast the new movie they are promoting with strong guys who can fight with weapons.  The stage sets for these scenes are enormous.  They are not generated by good natured below the line workers, but with the union guys out of the nearest Local.  The cast is no names because marquee talent will never go down there to star in an independent film.  We can get old stars like William Shatner who just went into space to do anything, but as far as the Brad Pit’s of the world, forget about it. Brad Pit only plays strong guys, he is not really one of them.  You have to get marquee stunt men to lower themselves to the end of the earth to get a movie done in there.  Now there are rap stars like Ice Tea that will go into South Central for a movie gig, but even them, you have to pay them a lot.