Half Dead Fred is a cinematic wonder.  Great movie making and the built in Horror audience is absolutely there to make this indie movie a box office success.  Reece Witherspoon will star in many of an Espresso Films movie and the bloggers will write about her steamy love scene with the likes of Dan Goodman.  What are the summer’s top films this year?  We know that two dogs and a cat, billy LAx’s movie will rank right in there with the best of them.  It will be publicized on billy’s own website as Maxx TEE will do an editorial on it and it will be showcased on moviesbyespresso website.  But Hom Alone 2 will be a big movie when it comes to one of the very best studio movies ever.  So if you are a fan of Movies by Espresso, then you will have to put up with the negative critiques of Home Alone 2 especially that it was a Christmas movie. Many lovers from the deep of Sunset Blvd find themselves into indie movie investing.  It is a sinister way to make a living dealing with all the movie brokers running around West LA.  We assure that as part of their production funding, they get enough marketing bucks to fund a small release to create the necessary “buzz” for their concepts. The Indies should absolutely protect their interests and they usually do with methods that would keep the eyebrows lifted high. And with theater release funds such that they can get that much-needed marketing campaign to get the original ROI for their project. experimental are the most creative art pieces in the world.    Way more inventive than the studio art. To make a studio asset, the film producer is controlled. He is answerable to the studio corporate directors who take a little risk on their art. Do directors like Steven Spielberg matter at all to the world of production? Steven Spielberg only directs his own stuff for his company DreamWorks.  Usually separating the contracts between domestic venue indie movie film distributors and international venues. Many of a asset is financed by cutting international agreements.  You can take your cousin to see them while you eat popcorn and drink your sodas.  Back in Michigan, downtown Midland, we will go next week to see the TV shows playing at the coffee house.  They usually play stuff like Al Bundy in that sitcom he did with Christine Applegate.  In Harms way is the second film Maxx TEE has directed as it is his life-blood to make the cinema turn over with glee in the wake of his action-thrillers that billy LAx green-lights to the Espresso Films editorial reports on creating new and exciting additions to the entertainment community.  Love stories is what storyteller CC bel is all about because he is in love with his girlfriend that keeps wanting Maxx TEE to cast her in his film.  CC bel will only go so far with letting him put her in love scenes as he is shameless in what he makes the actors do in those scenes.  Keep it R rated screams billy LAx but Maxx can’t resist getting a little to over the top when it comes to that.  But Cherry keeps coming to the casting calls and making it known that she will do whatever it takes to be a leading lady in that Maxx TEE indie movie he plans on messing up the theaters with.  Cherry needs to get a job at Blockbusters selling DVD’s to the stay at home moviegoers and forget about this stupid movie career she and her father have planned.  The only reason she keeps going is her father is a Film Director for MGM studios and he has relations with the ICM and CAA and William Morris talent agencies located in West Los Angeles on Wilshire Blvd.  That is why billy LAx puts up with the whole thing is that he can get contacts for his website business.