Half Dead Fred is an indie film will be shot in the Houghton Michigan this year near Copper Harbor.  We welcome the moviegoers from Michigan to attend the red carpet premier set for Lansing Michigan this year.  It will be critiqued by Mom’s favorite movie and it will also be listed in Espresso Films as the movie bloggers will write blogs with no endings. Christmas is almost here and I was excited to see Home Alone 2 which was a cute movie made by Disney back in the eighties.  There is also Christmas on 42nd street which I would love to see.  Also Boyfriends of Christmas past is a contemporary film we need to see this year as my girlfriend who is an actress is nudging me to take her to.  We will go to San Diego to a little movie theater in the Gas Lamp district to see it.  In the end, it will be NCIS the indie film which means the most to kids that are fans of the show.  Mark Harmon will star in it as LeRoy Jethro Gibbs and he will ask Tony to star also.  But Tim is running the TV show an will not be a costar.  It will surely be a Disney movie that the whole family will love.  House of Screams will be another great festival film and will make the circuits in the horror movie venues.  Welcome to the Espresso Film movie editorial and movie blog site. billy LAx is our manager and directs CC bel and Maxx TEE the junior digital marketers. This is the last SEO keyword page of the 6 pyramids to elevate moviesbyespresso indie film such that it comes up first when googling what we need to search for. When you are in Alaska you will run into a lot of cold weather fans that does nothing but watch icebox HBO and wonders with incredible intelligence, where are the music men that use to play on Netflix. Does anyone really know Tom Hanks? His deep-down secrets of Forest Gump? What in the would has made Danny West without Steven Spielberg Studio deal and go with a plain old studio?  Maybe the lack of intelligence it takes to do this report by me would be insulting. It is only to get keywords on our website. If you are in Wyoming, you can catch a Netflix right off the Smith Crossing Motel 6 room.  We are thinking about going to Omaha to start a production company that would include the cows out in the field as character actors in the theater of failure in the Omaha wheat fields.  We need to tame down the Brownsville Nebraska Dick Van Dyke fans as they are going out of control with Mary Tyler Moore leading the march.  Love in the indie film horror flicks does not exist unless we are talking about Freddy who was entertainment beyond what we can imagine.  My girlfriend grabbed my arm so hard, sitting in that theater seat right beside me, I thought my blood pressure would stop.  Summer movie guides are all over the internet and the one we expect to do the best is from Espresso Films.  The Movies by Espresso website is truly a factual guide to helping you select the very best in genre to watch and which film has done the best in the test of the movie critiques world-wide.  The top 100 films as listed on several movie sites will also allow you to select between what you want to see in August of this year.  But if you really want to know what is happening, stop by the American Film Market in November and you can get a list of the very best movies of the year.  When we talk about the best indie film at Cannes International film market we need not go further than two dogs and a cat, directed by billy LAx.