The independent movies of the nineties were great, and allowed many more filmmakers to create films than ever before, but in today’s world, the business of the indies is far superior to what it was.  The financing now is protected by laws stopping much of the movie investing fraud that had taken place thirty years ago.  And Ben Affleck can make an low budget movie and still get respected by the Hollywood elite.  Half Dead Fred is a flick that is being shot now in Detroit Michigan by the lake and the Canadian film makers are lining up to see who can get his face in the movie as a costar.  The new camera’s they are using to shoot the film are digital and the camera angles are compensated for by expert cinematographers.  The post production is done by experts in the field of digital movie making and the distribution is done by Walt Disney.  These moviemakers from Espresso Film bloggers are the writers and editors of entertainment editorials. If a executive producer creates a message and posts it to the independent movies website, he will get many fans to read it. Our directors of photography will develop their flicks to reach the highest number of audiences possible.  Our production sets range from $200,000 to $20Million dependent on the marque value of the leading men involved. 

In the Incredible Hulk movie the leading man was this huge green guy that scared a lot of small kids.  This should be illegal.  I seen this guy at the AFM and he was not as mean as he looked running around with all the rest of the unemployed movie makers.   But artistic production sets will trump the great character performances any day.  They are hard to come by, but the great scenes will be in every artist mind. Actors like Matt Damon love the TV shows we have blogged about on our  prolific and dynamic and made for Television series in Los Angeles Movies by Espresso site. If you are a art-house independent movies lover, a line producer, or a screenwriter, it is vital that you are well connected in Glitz and Glimmer of the entire Los Angeles. These connections that you get from the billy LAx business website can make below the line or break a hard core stunt double.  Take your kids to see the dynamic and tearful Lion King in Mexico City.  They will be standing on their hands and doing cart wheels after eating popcorn in the concessions of the theater.

What kind of actresses does Movies by Espresso represent?  The kind that usually can’t act.  We have lots of Dolly Parton type of talent but not good female leads.  We Would relish the opportunity to be an talent agent for  a listers who want us because their managers stink.  They will punk the Leading men at the grand showing of the flick.  When we invite our kids to  view flicks, they are not that excited because they do not have talent like Robin Williams and Shirley McClain.  But we can look at San Diego’s Gas Lamp district for direction on how to get more homeless in Los Angeles to put them in our production scenes.  Script writers who need homeless to demonstrate their documentaries will go well in San Diego’s down town area and the indie film will forever trust them.  But Sylvester Stallone will have a long way to go after he created Rambo and his liberal politics, except when he figured out his fan base was a bunch of rednecks then he switched to conservative.  I really want to go to  France to see the art-house theaters in that country.  I would like to talk to the French artists that make the flicks that are the rave of the international film critiques.  Rotten Tomatoes is the  best place you can get the most creative independent movies news in the world.  The Red Carpet Premieres courting the Hollywood Heavyweights is a place that we would like to go but can only dream because the invitations are for total insiders which billy LAx may be this time next year for his world class movie blog.  He has a top 100 movie list by genre.  This Christmas another box office smash will be Boyfriends of Christmas Past.   House of screams is on the other end of the spectrum which is for the mean movie fan.  Celebrities are running to the theaters to see each other act.  We went to a great flick last night in the downtown square in Springfield Missouri where the  classic Theater is that has the Route 66 museum in it.  We seen Bozo goes to Washington old classic film from the 60s.  The old movies are just fine, but the new cinema is what it is all about.  We have Marvel studios and their awesome animation projects that light up West Hollywood and the filmmakers envy that they cannot compete with this entertainment.  But the Movies by Espresso website reports on the very best of these animation projects and their production budgets which are through the roof.  They are in the billions of dollars and billy LAx knows it as he is pushing his movie bloggers to send their resume out to direct these independent movies in the Hollywood system of such high budgets, no one out side MGM studios can afford them.  It is a lost cause for the Movies by Espresso crowd to start to compete with Disney and Pixel.  They can raise a few hundred bucks to get a trailer shot and that is about it.