One of the best directors Hollywood will ever see is billy LAx.  His new movie, Two dogs and a cat, will be hitting the festival circuit soon and Maxx TEE will be doing his best as a Movies By Espresso reporter to get billy LAx some great online publicity. Vincent Tarantino is the number one, uno one film director in Hollywood.  His independent movie Pulp Fiction was the largest arthouse movie ever made.  The guys eating their Mickey Ds while doing their lines Killed me.  Speaking of another Vincent Tarantino movie, how about Kill Bill.  Great flick and won all kinds of Festival awards.  But lets not forget Réservoir Dogs and the lines that the movie fans say each and every day.  Snow White and the Seven dwarfs was one of the largest and most well know of all Disney animated movies, however I will go with the Lion King any day.  Also put out by Disney.  But Disney need not get so brash as Pixel is coming up quickly making them look in the review view mirror when it comes to VFX.  Tom Hanks is an a lister that will put Steven Spielberg on the Map with Forest Gump.  Plus, when Tom Hanks starred next to Meg Ryan in his Seattle movie, who could not love Hanks for the best movie actor ever.      You can find theater-release cinemas all over Beverly Hills and on Rodeo Drive, but the real power of independent movie is in Bloomfield Hills Michigan. In Rochester Michigan, you will find an excellent menu of flicks. It is a long way to the top of the entertainment world and the cinemas provide one way to making a success in the world of art. We covet our time spent with Hollywood Scarlets as they are refreshing to watch at the show and lighting and gaffers alike like to talk trash to chicks who are hot. We treasure the statements that declare that are starring Tom Hanks and Pat Dobson who was a baseball pitcher in Field of Dreams, the massive inventory that is still getting notoriety from sources like Bill Brown. But the real sad truth to the matter is that the industry produces a lot of crap too.  But to disturb the course of the Television Cable networks with simple frequency of Jerry Springer would not be of value to the viewers at home.  We treasure those instances where we can catch a classic on TV with Roy Rogers or the Benny Hill.  That guy makes me laugh until I cry.

There are cheap flicks produced by Showtime that you would not go to Grandma’s house to see on her old black and white TV. Possibly you might want to date grandma at an HDTV.  The age old saying goes back, and you should never go to the bathroom to watch green grass grow. Espresso Films Editorials and blog is a place where Veronica Taylor has blogged. She is one of the independent movie screenwriters we have. Her manuscript reports on her blog are awesome. Due to billy LAx and his team of movie digital marketers, no other movie makers have the best platform in Santa Monica to create horror story blogs. We treasure her and his Reservoir Dogs that went to all of Cannes to get its gold and silver awards similar to Vic Morale in the hit TV show in the 60s Combat. CC bel has an influence in Movies by Espresso like no other mime out there. He delivers his cinematic reports right on target to billy LAx and wins all the time. But when we talk about the independent movie Half Dead Fred, we are inferring a movie shot in Midland Michigan about a Ted Cassady type of Lurch movie somewhat similar to the Addams family major motion picture.