Michael Moore is the director of the lousy Fahrenheit movie about Georgy Bush.  I really love film industry jargon.  It is really cool and always changing especially when you talk to the moviemakers who make their life in the independent films business.  When you get involved with reporting for Espresso films, you will find the bloggers go wild with film industry jargon.  Brad Pitt does not know it well as his girlfriend Angellena Jolie tells it to him.  But what can you expect from a list actor from Springfield Missouri?  Let’s talk about Espresso Films top ten movie technical innovations in the last ten years.  The camera focus must be off as the camera angle is not quite write with the new high tech motion picture cameras.  Snow White and the seven dwarfs is one of the larges animation movies this year and it was produced and distributed by Walt Disney Studios.  The VFX professionals had lots of work on this one as it was a complicated movie to make.  Probably not as big as the Lion King as this movie was a huge Disney movie too.  But the independent films created by Vincent Tarantino were better than any Disney Animation movie ever thought of being.  They have well thought out screenplays, mostly written by Vincent Tarantino himself and they have great actors, although most are not a list actors.  Moviemakers and leading men and Hollywood Actresses alike watch TV made shows too. They do not exclusively and only forward their sensitivities and complaints to the most commonplace that the public forwards their complaints and compliments of the exciting independent films industry. A huge amount of polygraphist films ranging from the impossible to the improbable have been created in the indie movie industry. Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore first started out on TV with the Dick Van Dyke show, then moved into indie films.  Barbra Eden from the 70s TV show I dream of Jeanie would have loved to went to a cinema today and have saw the block buster hit Apollo 8. That can be good in the fact that it is sad and bad if you are a movie maker. Don’t get caught up in the flicks that don’t count. Movie past events is charming and will forego complete analysis in the everlasting mention of love and not love in our independent films finance industry complaints of redundancy. If you are in Connecticut, you got to get to the single theater in Hartford that continuously showcasing all the great indies. They will showcase mad Dan Goodman cinematic shows with dogs and monkeys and horses. I really love Horse movies.  But we are about to list the top ten movies of the year and they will be of essence that no one can figure out.  And that is because Espresso films will be financing and distributing the film especially to foreign sales companies like in France.  France is a big company to make movie contacts in because it has the largest most exclusive Film Festival in the world at Cannes.  When the independent films as a whole, go to France, the high rolling producers and directors sit around the French coffee shops and talk about the slate of top indies.