In search for the very best of studios, we run across one independent film in particular that will set the movie fans a blaze.  The name of this little flick is two dogs and a cat and the director is billy LAx.  Cherry bel will be the female lead and this promotion will make her an instant celebrity.  The Espresso Films bloggers will go crazy with their film reviews on this film financed by espresso films.  CC bel will be the cinemographer and when billy LAx gets done coaching him, he will have the camera angles exactly right as well as the lighting will be perfect because billy LAx knows the top gaffers in Hollywood.  Just ask Reese Witherspoon the number one actress in the studio films. Attention is paid to the starlets who make these flicks. They have great screenplay writers in London with lots of different exposures for the storytellers to write about with robust action-packed theater.  English in London romantic independent film comedies is hard to understand even for Americans whose first language is exactly that. This is a filler narrative made to pyramid 4 of moviesbyespresso because there is not enough talk in the middle about where we go with production sets. 

These are created by location set builders that travel the United States to make their living.  Each one is a feature film specialist and most hang out on Sunset boulevard in Hollywood where most of the plays are created.  Because billy LAx has set up camp on Melrose Blvd, he is quite capable of letting Maxx TEE, his junior writer and first time film director take the lead on movie editorials regarding Sunset Blvd shot by the 35 mm camera and watched closely by CC bel, a first time movie director.   If you want to see an excellent independent film theater, well Hollywood would not be the place to go.  You could see cinema in Glendale California right next to Johnny Carson’s hometown Burbank California where art-house is  a lifestyle. The English are also good with comedies like Benny Hill makes. So, when you get a London show, you are getting a special adventure. They also have great London-based experimental ideas which are local to London.  If you really want a rush, go to the Cannes International Film Festival in France.  Now that is a real treat and very expensive.  But romance stories are what sells, both internationally and domestically here in the United States.  With movie distribution companies being one of the most lucrative companies an investor can move his capital into, we need to see what the most advantageous subject an actor can choose to put his marquee name on.  That is considering his Talent Agent will let him do that.  If an actor has a small agency, there usually is not a problem as long as there is a few bucks they can put in their pockets.  But if the actor has a large talent agency like CAA and ICM and William Morris representing him, the independent film producer probably can not get what he wants to make through the agency unless their script readers have approved the art.  Without good art, the actor will not make more movies and if you are CAA, you don’t live for one film.  It takes a lot to make a large actor and they sure as heck not going to loose it.  Don’t let the actors BS you, they are not in charge.  The William Morris agency is definitely in charge and will make sure they let you know that on no uncertain terms.