Question is will you take your actress girlfriend from the Opra Show to see a mafia thriller indie movie this year if it is a box office sensation?  How about if it does well at the New York Film Festival?  Well maybe if the famous movie director Deltoro directs it right?  The Lion King will win the awards for the best Studio flick of the century and Snow White and the seven dwarfs will be in the top ten movies of the year.  But Mark Harmon will upset the Hollywood Reports and film critiques with his new NCIS movie made without Tim as he is acting on the show.  In the midst of Sunset Blvd is a small little filmmaker called Bong Joon Ho who is looking to be the best indie movie maker in the world.  He is setting pretty close to marquee value at the film distributors opinion poll and will not budge from where he is at because he is now signing Reese Witherspoon for his next film.  But then there is none other than Vincent Tarantino and his slate of films he has produced that has made him a star moviemaker in his own right.  Pharma Bro documentary is the largest most successful documentary of the year at the Sundance Film Festival but it is closely followed by Kurt Warner’s An American Underdog film documentary.  But sometimes the small indie movie makers are more fun and interesting to be around. They tell cool Hollywood stories and are great to party within Santa Monica. But the problem with those guys, as soon as they find out you have no money, they are gone. One of my best friends, who was an actor from the 70s, knew the big guys of the industry well. He would introduce me to many of the actors. Not only did we have a good time at the American Film Market, but we went out on the town to many Hollywood parties. Los Angeles is filled with parties thrown by want to be industry performers.  The problem is, they all want you to buy dinner for the privilege of eating with the movie crowd. Most of the time we turned them down. But occasionally you would find a director that you would buy dinner for, just to listen to his stories of being a rich and famous.  We would be in some West LA night club and out of the blue, you would see a Jim Carey strolling with his wife having a good time, everybody clinging onto him.  Then things would get interesting when the actress want to be girls that were hanging onto you thinking you could make their dreams come true would jump ship and bam, they would be gone to Jim Carey like flies on dog crap.


We no longer would accept them back when they figured out that Jim Carey’s gang would shoo them away like flies on a hot August night indie movie.  They would be sad little leading ladies except the only thing they were leading was the homeless guy who was following them to skid row.  The filmmaker’s downtown was all the same with these girls.  Moving in and out of each of the clinging mobs, these executive producers would laugh all night at the funny stories they had with the charming actor want to be. The biggest studio film of the year is clearly the new Transformers movies which are all animated superheroes.  But in high competition is the latest Star Trek movie and the stars are a huge cast of marquee names.  But getting to the bottom of the low budget pits, is Half Dead Fred which is a horror movie and clearly the best indie movie of the year.