In the search for truth about indie film creations, we know that the need for massive changes in the industry is coveted by most of the public.  We need story driven movies and not action packed because the low budget movies make poor action scenes.  Supporting actors will define the show and we will want Mark Harmon to appear as he has in all his NCIS TV shows so far. But LeRoy Jethro Gibbs cannot keep running out on his pals as Tim wants to take over and does not have the want to keep giving back the star to LeRoy Jethro Gibbs.  On the old show Cheers, Ted Danson may make an appearance on NCIS so the Hollywood Reporter says.  Pharma Bro Documentary is one of the most heralded documentaries of the year at the Cannes International Film Festival.  It clearly is leading the pack of entertainment assets including indie film releases.  The star of the show when it comes to movie reviews this year is clearly Reese Witherspoon.  She has risen to the top of her profession and is the most sought over acting talent in the world.  We probably do not want to tell William Shatner that as he is proclaiming his trip into space as put Star Trek back on the board as the new Star Trek movie hits the theaters this summer.  But no Dr Spock to be in it since Leonard Nemoy died. But if there is a really good mafia thriller coming out this year, well then that might make the slate of fifty best films from Cannes International film festival.  We will see if it is as huge in the box office in North America as it is in Europe.  Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood is certainly the place to hang if you are a movie fan. There are lots of stars traveling Melrose Blvd and a lot of want to be, on the road all wanting to make it to superstardom in Los Angeles. Sandra Bullock has driven her car up Wilshire Blvd and went to Mans Chinese indie film Theater many times. She has made lots of wonderful and entertaining scenes with some of the most enticing male leads in the world. As a scarlet, she has fed the planet with her characterization gifts for years. She has graced the silver screen all the way through the next generation of fans with her dignity and love of corporate world of the biggest studios in the universe. In the mold of film buffs that we always will thank for their contribution  who cater to the young filmmakers, we salute you. Your dignity in finding the best parties  in West LA is next to none.  We must continue to promote each and every time an indie film blockbuster comes out. Now that Pasadena Films has come out with its mega-budget thrillers it will now promote them diligently. Movies By Espresso will now movie blog in an attempt to create and promote professionals like CC bel. They will commence living the dream of their small but capable digital marketers in the Word Press design institute of Southern California. Each and every time a theater release occurs, especially from the AMC cinema in old-town Pasadena, movie fans from Pasadena and Altadena will by the droves, watch the thriller.  The indie film that is the biggest hit this summer is Half Dead Fred which will rival any of the past low budget cinematic creations including Rocky by Sylvester Stallone.  No time for Death is a studio film by Disney and will vie for one of the top films of the year.