When Ted Cassady landed the starring role on the ABC sit com TV horror show the Addams family you would have thought he would have been a shoe-in for the independent movies that would spin off the TV show, however the star of the show was not the star of the movie The Addams family.  In Burbank California where the show was filmed, there was a large production set with nothing but horror actors.  But Mark Harmon of NCIS did not show up to the scene and they gave his part to Timmy who plays next to him in the hit series.  Reese Witherspoon also was a no-show on the production set so they went with Meg Ryan who lives down the street.   Even though both of them do mostly studio films, they were happy for their shot in the Addams family.  We here in the world of Pasadena Indie Films would like to shake hands with the crew of the Dick Van Dyke show for their contribution to the marching band of the Bullock Creek Lancers of 1973.  This band produced entertainment for Midland Michigan in the High school drama department.  The whole Michigan state of performance orientated high school curriculum’s centered on the most realistic TV shows and talents coming from the Madonna’s and Michael Moore who is from Michigan.  If you have seen the two together on stage, you would be fortunate since to my knowledge, they have never appeared in one place. 

The Bullock Creek theatrical stage set combined with the Midland High School drama department and the Down High School drama club independent movies to welcome some the the seventies greatest motion pictures. 

Huge reviews were done by the critiques on which of the 1973 cinematic performances were the very best.  We all concur that Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky rates as one the very best performances of the entire entertainment industry including all of the Walt Disney shows of the 60s and 70s.  So we will move to create an cinema warehouse of greatest entertainment DVDs.  Love shows will top the list of what we will show our audiences.  To surrender to the entertainment industry or the studio complex is a mistake.  Keep your chin up and keep pursuing your film director’s dream  Do not be that Robert Wagner who backs down and quits.  Be like Donnie and Marie and keep your show going even if you have to move to Los Vegas to do it.  Michael Jackson would have done the same thing so keep charging throughout the independent movies of Hollywood and for that matter internationally.  If you want to go to Emerson Park and create a mystery murder, you would do well since their are a lot of fans in the area that will be your supporting cast.  We would then take the post production and put it in the can and sell it to the indie films distributors.   The cinematographers will shoot horror films and then they will broadcast them on Youtube to be in the adventure of Belfast the newest in art on the film festival circuit.  This is all in while the studios are gloating over the twenty fifth episode of James Bond, Time to Die.  They are non stop talking about that crazy mixed up story line told by some guy who has never been out of Beverly Hills because his Daddy was an MGM executive.  Makes a real filmmaker sick if you ask me.  But life on Sunset Blvd goes on with or without your satisfied nature.

In the rationalization of film directors like Maxx TEE we settle on independent movies passive story telling that will keep with us for decades to come.  The power of the dog film that is headlining the theater screens is getting rants and raves from the critiques.   When the Nightmare on Elm Street made its entrance into the solo theater releases, we could not believe the cult following of that movie.  It was a huge success and made the film investor a ton of money. This is considering the guys running the partnership boiler rooms raising movie money in the 90s did not rip them off.   Disney Luca had the greatest VFX and CGI on the post production of this massive movie was huge.  The love of the Broadway plays goes way back to the real playhouse lovers.  I can remember when I was in the Navy in the 70s going to a Broadway play.  Major Hollywood actors and directors have went to Broadway in NYC after they were through with their careers or they have come from these plays before they made it in Hollywood to act in these magnificent plays.  It goes not only to the plays in New York City, but to California where play writes feast on getting their writing’s produced at the Pasadena Playhouse.  And those actors can go straight from Pasadena to the independent movies produced on the other side of the city in West Hollywood.  These producers have a surplus of great talent supplied to them by the biggest talent agencies in the world.  The actors are definitely costly but their marquee names can get the profit of the movie back immediately through  foreign sales to countries like Germany.  Has anyone seen the new James Bond flick that is on in Springfield Missouri’s Battlefield mall?