One of the new documentaries to hit the film festivals this year is the American Underdog, a story about Kurt Warner and his rise to one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.  The next step for Kurt is clearly an independent movie in which he needs to be the lead male.  We would be excited to see Kurt Warner in a Studio film also about his Truely remarkable life.  What is the best list of the Top one hundred movies of the year?  Maybe it is on the Espresso Films website moviesbyespresso  Reese Witherspoon will surely be the lead female in the spectacular piece of cinematic art.   But the horror movie Half Dead Fred will be in the running for one of the best summer movies this year.  In Canada, Dan Akroyd from Saturday night live is waiting by the phone to get his next comedy movie.  Director Bong Joon Ho will direct the movie and the studio that has interest is Universal.  However MGM has interest in the movie distribution rights too.  A wonderful screenplay is currently being crafted just for him by CC bel of Espresso films.   The director of Half Dead Fred is one of the best directors in the world.  Movies by Espresso and billy LAx is on board these magnificent ships in the Savannah River next to Aiken South Carolina in search for that special independent movie and we are enraged at the stage for their participation in their bad company retract of statements. Cinematic releases of Starlet Joan Bestie will be massively important to the theater of 2020.  As will reports from the latest corporations that the revenue for those companies associated with NBC and CNN has taken a nose dive.  We, the industry depend on great flicks to keep us in the black. Where will the production go with red robin in their back pocketbook?  They will go to poverty city in California to visit the graveyard of the cinema. Tom Lockhart who is the General Manager of Lockhart entertainment company as well as Ben Grieves will benefit from our website’s movie blog. So when moviesbyespresso becomes a huge agency-loving website in the city of tinsel, you will know it well.  The level that you will be impressed with this independent movie website is significant if you are a troll finding out all the Word Press errors.   It will both amaze and repel you to know that the TV shows will be provided with orange-haired fans. They will love their starlet Marie and Sidney potency will be actors that they can’t forget if the life flows to the moon. Beautiful women are the lifeblood of Joplin Missouri for sure.  The love of art is what major studio executives do not have but they surely have the love for rate of return off their stupid flicks that they attach these so called Hollywood movie stars to even though they are just people like you are me.  To create a production set is a large below the line venture with lots of craft including gaffers and carpenters that fix the complicated stage sets with lighting that only can be admired from far away.  So, when the director’s chair is sitting near the scene so he can make decisions only from the street corner near where the film location is shot at, then the cinematographer needs to be carried by a truck with a stunt double inside, or the independent movie will be a bust.  The foreign sales guys will have nothing to sell to the countries like France who buys a lot of arthouse films.  Those same movies are showcased at Cannes International Film Festival that was cancelled last year due to COVID.  I remember that well and we here at Espresso Films wrote an detailed editorial about it that is one our website moviesbyespresso