In the deep alleys of Hollywood lurks a phenomenal film director of the post millennium, named Bong Joon Ho.  He has started in Asia, I believe Hong Kong, making the most unique independent films you have ever seen.  But what is really impressive, is the fact that he can create romantic comedies very well too.  Bong Joon Ho is truly a director of the next twenty years and will take Hollywood elites down.  The essence of making a movie, Bong Joon Ho, tells it is the screenplay in which we need to have a unique story to be told.  The storyteller does not have to reach everyone, but he does have to have a high appeal to a good niche.  Another director we love is Vincent Tarantino who with cinematic charm created Pulp Fiction.  The two endings killed me.  He also created the likes of the little tiny budget Kill Bill.  However the independent films Tarantino has made are unique to say the list, with Reservoir Dogs making the top of the list.  A documentary coming out this year is The American Underdog which is about Kurt Warner and should garner lots of attention and the American Film Market.  Kurt Warner has proven himself a natural in front of the camera and will do well at the box office.  Another documentary that will hit the movie venues this year is pharma Bro.   house of Screams will be shot in Ohio this year in this big scary house with a great production crew.  The director plans on this film making lots of box office revenue.

Mike Pence is a trader to our filmmaker country in that he will not see entertainment related to Donald Trump. When the Nebraska film commission votes on its leading independent films this year, it will not like the result of the Brownsville nuclear plant closing votes. It is hard to love those swingers from Nebraska that go to the Lincoln Nebraska art-house independent films. Moviesbyespresso is a top-notched love and promotion website and the ben dude from the TV show Manny and the beast will be starring in this website’s newest and latest and novel cinema feature from the site’s evaluation board.  The box office receipts from befuddling the pressure will move moviemakers from all over South American to Alaska to show their experimental in the theater next to Ashton New Hampshire. In an effort to the  industry, we will be plagued without sympathy with the leading men self-aggrandizing. But over the past twenty years, the independent films theater releases have grown enormously with many an executive producer and stunt man and makeup artist marveling at not only the studio releases from Walt Disney, Warner Bros Universal Studios, DreamWorks Pixel, and so on but the large releases from the entertainment industry like Pasadena Films and Espresso films. Our show of support for the indies is manifested in blacklisted and negated films by the film fans.  When we stop and notice the independent films for this year at the Sundance Film Festival, we will be impressed by the novelty of the themes these young movie directors have come up with. They are really good with the arthouse themes but they have put a lot into the horror movies also.  The best film cameras in the world are actually digital cameras the succeeders to the old time TV cameras.  No more 35 mm film or 16 mm film for movies but digital cameras.  So the new movies fit right to our HDTV sets at home.