The next independent film created by Espresso Films will star Cherry bel and will have CC bel directing.  The Movies by Espresso Bloggers are already reporting each and every move CC bel is making as the first time movie director is hard at work bossing all the talent agents around.  He is in heavy negotiations with CAA and ICM on the a list talent they represent.  We are talking about Reese Witherspoon as the female lead.  The movies Antagonist will be Maxx TEE in his first acting role.   The Hollywood heavyweights are gearing up for a huge box office when the movie is released the end of this year.    But first, the industry will have to deal with the slate of fifty from the Cannes International film festival.  billy LAx and CC bel will go to France soon and attend the film festival and see a couple of experimental films.  At this gathering of the world-class filmmakers from Hollywood and Europe, we will find Ben Affleck the a list star making his appearance and shaking hands with all the executive producers.  Have you a great list of Featured Dramatic Movies?  If yes, then we will be your best friend here at Espresso Films because our independent film analysis is just kicking off.  billy LAx our film  director will welcome you to become a movie blogger on our site moviesbyespresso.  Our red carpet premiers are next to none as we explore the dynamics of studio film actors.  Our Video Editors know the camera angles of each shot and how the ambient light affects the scenes we produce and what the post production has to do to make the camera shots come out right.  The Lion King animation movie is one example of great post production as it is complicated by the voice overs and editing of VFX.  Snow White and the seven Dwarfs is another example of a complicated Walt Disney film that had excellent post production and a very complicated production.  If you go to Burbank, you will find entertaining kids playing cinematographers all over the place. They shoot them on video cameras and upload them to YouTube. But nevertheless, each one that is shot, is considered an independent film. Espresso Films is run by billy LAx and reports in the latest and greatest cinematic creations and art-house dreams in the world. The website consists of bloggers from the entertainment industry and provides promotions for these entertainers. Movie editorials range from Production to film distribution to Drama Schools and Film Festivals as well such as the AFM in Santa Monica California which takes place every November. Please go to the AFM and find out the newest and best and most sought-after Indie film there is. You will most definitely run into CC bel who will be promoting his new concept innocent love which is CC bel’s art-house flick about two sixteen-year-old people that fall in love at the summer cottage that her father owns. Neither are prepared for their romance. This adventure catches the romantic comedy like no other. Then there is Maxx TEE that you can meet in Burbank any time. If you go to the Glendale mall, you can find him at the theaters trolling all the pretty leading ladies he dreams about putting into his independent film screenplays he writes.  It is just a matter of time before billy LAx figures out how to get some money for him and while this is happening, he will keep busy with his digital marketing on our website moviesbyespresso  If we cannot fund the venture with normal inside movie investors, then we will try a go fund me page.  But the post production for these films, including The Lion King was excellent and very complicated taking thousands of Hollywood trained animators as well as VFX professionals.  The cameras shooting was always angle on and the directors were continuously sitting in their directors’ chairs thinking they are all that and a bag of chips, making the below the line film production workers angry.