When technology took over the indie movie distribution companies, we found that the distribution of film, particularly foreign sales deals increased vastly.  Huge increases of Horror films particularly flooded the market and moviemakers that created these flicks were making lots of successful cinematic creations.  High tech movie cameras were invented too and executive film producers were suddenly doing well with their businesses.  But let’s not forget the studio elites that were coming up with their family friendly G rated movies to entice the kids of America.  In effort to keep up with the producers of NBC and cable TV, we have increased the film investment in Hollywood to billions of dollars.  Below the line movie financing deals suddenly sprung up in Canada and Europe to fund studios all over the world.    B-movies were big in the 70s, 80s, and 90s selling many to foreign countries where the fans did not know English. These indie movie projects were high on action and did not require English to enjoy the theater. There was a circuit of actresses that made multitudes of projects a year and would show up in person to promote them. The producers would turn over low-budget or micro-budget productions many times a year and would have contracts with domestic TV such as HBO and Showtime. We use to go to the AFM where assets were bought and sold every November in Santa Monica. There you would meet the above the line crowd in droves. One guy who made a lot of TV shows I meant was David from a Kung Fu TV show in the 70s. You would never see a male lead such as Matt Daman or Leo there. You might see a TV actor John Goodman there.  Players are in a totally different market than the large studio characters like Tom Hanks. So when we go out at night in Glendale’s mall that is situated downtown and we go to see Michael Moore in his Fahrenheit art piece, we are much amused at the funny looking hippie crowds it draws. 

But then again, those people have the right to their own visuals on Saturday night just like in the

indie movie Night Stalker

We do not discriminate in this funny industry of actors and lovers.  Just as long as they have a story tellers attitude, we don’t care.  They  have to like fiction though or the books are really not that good.  I really liked John Steinbeck’s books the best though and many can be made into a film.  But not in the studio settings as most of the players are way to big for book scripts.  billy LAx in current form will not allow the movie fans to view his important site moviesbyespresso  When Maxx TEE approaches him in his BMW and wearing sunglasses it really angers him and he threatens to fire Maxx except he is the best Digital marketer the company has ever had to promote their member’s videos on YouTube.  When the CGI VFX expert Chang Yang which is a member of the Movies by Espresso decides she is worth lots of money, then the company will have to pay her.  But in the mean time, she is making peanuts putting out the best of videos and editing them.  How great is Ben Affleck in that new Studio movie he is starring in?  The cast is magnificent as it includes Tara, a member of our website.  Tara insists that the indie movie she has starred in so far qualifies her to act next to Ben Affleck and billy LAx agrees, but he is fighting the majors and the Hollywood Heavyweights when he sides with Tara our leading lady.   In the end, we will end here because our movie blogging members know more about the entertainment industry than the whole of MGM.