Lets calm down and watch a nice little romantic comedy tonight with Reese Witherspoon as the leading lady.  Maybe if we pick an cute little indie film, we will make Cherry bel our new Espresso Films starlet a marquee name for we are adding to the box office receipts if she is starring in the film.  What do you think will be the top 100 films we make this year?  What will be the summer movie guide for small little indies.  It is to early to tell but we need to wait for Sundance to start and we will then know the very best of the movies.  Do we need a cinematographer to tell us how he shoots this movie or that cinema?  Or maybe the makeup artist to tell how she prepares the face of the stars that come from Hollywood?  If you were on the set of House of Screams I don’t think this would be necessary as the horror film will be made in Detroit Michigan.  Maybe Swing blade will be in them or maybe Forest Gump might make it also.  Movies by espresso look for female leads for its next concept.  I would certainly like to meet a rich Hollywood Actress this year, maybe one that blogs for moviesbyespresso.  She must be able to do method acting.  Or maybe a cute little blond screenplay writer who has come up with a major script and optioned it out. The company has a surplus of the most beautiful talent in the world. They can be from Hollywood, or they can be from international destinations like France. Where these great indie film performers are, we do not care long as the leading ladies are there. Now the super stars are important too. The actors in the movies are the most important part of the asset. These dudes beg for Maxx TEE our junior blog master and first-time director to put them in the skit he is making called one step to paradise in the Navy. Speaking of the Navy, the military produces great talent too, going back to World War two classics. These Navy guys were on submarines were in the seventies, they use to watch the old projector on an old eight-track video player while under the ocean protecting us from predator Russian fans.  Millions of couples that go on dates watch Television shows with their parents and friends as they make-out on the couch.   When they go to school the next day they lie about it bragging about seeing Cheers with Ted Danson the night before.  But all their classmates know the real truth, that Ted Danson was married to Whoppi and that she was a Nun, at least in the movie.   We respect the marines too as they have provided many a screenplay writer with countless hours of tales to tell and wishes of success, storytelling their way to riches in Hollywood indie film. billy LAx was a Navy Nuclear Reactor Operator and with Sean Connery in Red Tide Rising wrote the book and created the cosmic atmosphere for the all-time best manuscript of all time. Due to a lack of intelligence, I mean US Navy intelligence, the story was not accurate.  But the end of the tale, goes to all the television personalities at NBC. Not the theater crowd at the AFM.  Half Dead Fred will be a box office smash this year and will actually go to the film festivals where the horror movie will get on the slate of the fifty best films of the year.  So if you are a Reese Witherspoon fan, wait a bit longer as the celebrity will start making horror movies like Half Dead Fred.  But what about Ted Cassady and the Addams family.  He was not just a voice over talent but he starred as Lurch.