No time to die, massively popular James Bond movie has crunched the box office intakes.  The independent movies that can compete with films like No Time To Die and few and far between with every small director trying his best to come up with something unique and possibly crunch the studio films and every Hollywood elite will be chomping at the bit to make a movie with that film director.  It has happened a few times.  Ask Sylvestro Stallone.  Give me please the best movie guide of 2023 and we will see into the future on what them will make the best films in the future.  One Night in Miami may compete with the slate of films at the Cannes International Film Festival.  By the way, billy LAx intends on going to France this year to see all the arthouse movies that CC bel has been talking about and maybe give some of the Espresso Films bloggers something to blog about.  But Half Dead Fred will make a show at Sundance film festival and then will make a run on the theater circuits.  The hottest leading ladies in Hollywood. Major Los Angeles stars, that is what kind of talent Espresso films represents in its independent movies.  Keep abreast of all the latest entertainment news and who is who in on the silver screen within the entire valley of Southern California stretching from Burbank to the Pacific Coast Highway.  We will inform you with our cast of on the beat reporters though out the valley.  Knocking on production company doors for the right people to interview is what we are all about.

Our reports and blogs and editorials are all about experimental films. Pixel is an example of such a robust dynamic company that is all about animation.  This business’s animation competes with Disney animation; however, Pixel is an well more massive and elaborate where Disney is a Major studio. Both, Pixel animations and Disney satires go to the movie theaters for release.  These two companies are not in the indie films sector of the entertainment corporate world as they  are clearly part of the studio environment.

Distribution to the stage theaters is important for an Horror film. What kind of cinema releases are involved with art that are greater than 20 million dollars, is a major question asked by foreign distributors? I was asked this in the 90s when I was an chump chasing money for the crowd in Pasadena.  We had a great time with all the parties and the celebrities that we would meet.  We had every investor want to be as well as the struggling kids wanting money for their projects come through our office.  We never did finance a entertainment project however we did come close on a couple TV shows who were owned by a friend of mine who owned his own agency.  Loved the indie films, that is for sure.  The independent movies are truly a bread of themselves.  They breath for success in the way they are financed and distributed, a completely separate part of the business from the production.  The movie makers in this business have total freedom as they  have no Studio Executives standing over their heads.  This is why you get the way out concepts for their art as opposed to the same old stuff that works.  These line producers work hard trying to get the shoot in on time so they do not run out of production budget.  They cut corners all the time making the art people involved in the film angry and then conflict creeps in.  Cyberpunk movies get into wars from  what I hear as industry gossip.  The news from the Studio executives is that it was not a good project to work on as the stage sets were a bad situation and the  below the line were not happy at all.  But in the end, casting independent movies nightmare was only twice in the history of the entertainment corporate planning ventures.  Animated cinematic adventures of the Lion King was one and the other was the antagonist villain in Abby Singer.  Marvel Studios was another huge venture that went through the roof on profits.  When we go to IMDb we can find all the small filmmakers advertising their trophy in as best way as they can, but it is now our movie blog that we have here on Movies by Espresso plus you  get the editorials that billy LAx has ghost written.  A sequel was created in the Midnight Experess movie series that was made in the 70s.  I seen that movie when I was in the Navy and it kept with me forever.  That is the mark of a great movie, when in 2021  you still remember it.