What are the best movies of all time?  Well you got to put House of Screams in there someplace as the independent films most likely to be ranked number one.  But House of Screams had the best actors hands down and Reese Witherspoon was certainly one of them.  Her and Steven Seagal costarred in this little indie and did an amazingly great job at it.  The lead man for No Time to Die was Tom Cruize and he deserved all the credit for being the number one James Bond actor ever.   But in the top 100 movies of all time has to be The Addams family 2 in which Ted Cassady did not star in because he is dead.  Love Story is allso a tested film of all time as it gave many a moviegoer in the seventy’s nice dreams.  It is sad that the boyfriend died in Viet Nam but it is what gave the movie such a great ending.  My anger does not get a health renovation when I see him at the independent films theater release in his new-made for TC, video as part of the never-ending, never stopping always self-promoting independent films industry reports.  Steven Segal in his block buster action packed movies have graced the silver screen to the entertainment of thousands of his fans since the 80s.   So, since we are stuck with this long narrative of what to do or what not to do in an effort to minimize the exports of two-hour feature movies to the rocket industry of China. So, in summation, when we include the entertainment business   in our assets of US commercial trade, it looks fairly good from a  director and stunt double and makeup artist standpoint. The whole industry sucks, they really do. Don’t get caught flashing your body parts in Hollywood or they will get cut off. And the logical thing is, if West Hollywood’s corporate world succeeds, even though billy LAx says that they can’t, we are lucky to exist with CC bel.  We are avenues of making lots of money for the cinematic companies to use their VFX and video editing skills to shoot great YouTube Videos for those that do not belong in the buzz or those who maybe belong in independent films show business, but do not want to participate do to all the dysfunctional actors.  But lets get real,  Love for the art of making posters that people love of your favorite celebrities is not a big deal.  Who is it you want a poster of?  Maybe Putin with his shirt off?  Are we planning on going to Russia and see the Lost Valley of Make believe Starring Putin in his first Cinematic release in Moscow?  That might be a boring two  hours to spend in Red Square.  In the Asian film markets, we have quite another story, with the Bruce Lee movies on every corner.  Chuck Norris flicks go will in Hong Kong too, but then the real hero of the new ages is Jackie Chan and his humor fight movies.  Can you imagine a director trying to get Jackie Chang in a film with a heavy theme?  Good luck to that poor soul as Jackie Chan is a one time phenom in the Orient.  Speaking of that, what ever happened to the Orient Express, that really old flick that they made back in the 70s. That was super good and I really loved it.  Now in the new ages, we must move on to more exciting Asian movie makers and the new stories are real dramas coming out of Hong Kong because of the politics of the region.  Most independent films are close to Horror shows and the Chinese recognize it.  The people are trying to get out of the country and the documentary makers are on every corner with  their videographers.   They are shooting the escape of the Chinese people over the walls of the country and selling the video to the film venues in the US and Europe.