Dan Goodman is also from Springfield Missouri, and he made it big as a Television actor. Dan has also done his share of independent film. Ground Hog Day was a major flick. It had unbelievable box office receipts bringing in millions in movie revenue. But it was not a special dream as was a lot of other Goodman flicks. When Ground Hog Day came out, all the fanatical people in Pennsylvania that take Ground Hog Day seriously, and really love these types of ideas with created by a story teller that you kind of wonder what planet he is on to come up with a theme like this. To them, the existence of creations that are about Ground Hog Day is an unbelievable gift from the Hollywood film industry.  https://moviesbyespresso.com/seo-subhomepage-4c-independent-film/  Brad Pit would look for a project like this as well as making Steve Miller fish for carp. Maybe we will not make any more of these dream boats. But no. The world of entertainment is moving toward more box office success than ever. We continue to take our families and our friends and Jenny smith to the AMC Theaters to see the latest Matt Daman Thriller. We continue to go to the top of Mt Rushmore in our Extreme camper and watch on our camper Television, the latest TV shows produced by Steven Spielberg and starring Clint Eastwood.  Yes, Charlton did make Moses, a huge flick, back in the 60s. But that was then in silver screens and now is now in theaters worldwide. We have film historians that go back in time and analyze and report on history. Espresso Films articles have written about the historical aspect. Who were the major movie directors that created what and where did they come from? These love affairs are part of America, but many of them started as international films in France and Germany, and England. Europe is where many of the art-house-independent film concepts came from.   These flicks have been studied for years by drama school students and are characterized by black and white, foreign languages, and low budget. Some call these micro-budget, experimental films. The Germans call these wonderful, boring, and colorful national films. While the eccentric Hollywood entertainment experts call them good old fashion b movies. There are a lot of these low-budget independent film being created in the studios are filled with a Director of Photography on every corner shooting his 16mm flick.