Love Story the movie back in the seventies was in Lansing Michigan at an all-night theater last week.  The indie movie made millions for the film investor wise enough or lucky enough to be able to read a screenplay and guess it would be a box office mega attraction.  Celebrities will flock to be in a movie like that and the casting directors will make a fortune because a film of that magnitude will make a star.  But Reese Witherspoon made her first film and her marquee name on a movie directed by our own billy LAx,which was called Two dogs and a cat.  It also featured Cherry bel, CC bel’s girlfriend and actress.  Maxx TEE, Espresso films blogger will write about the two our motion picture and he will illustrate a screenplay that is incredible.   Innovative gigantic industry flicks are being shot each day in and around Southern California.  However, it has not always been that way in Tinsel Town.  Let’s go back to 1937 when the first indie movie was made here in America. Actually, the first was made in France with old-time cameras and a projector that pieced together each image into a story. What post-production must have been created the best action-packed thrillers moviesbyespresso has dominated the corporate world for years. This film company has done nothing but create a list of a list talent until the bugs come home and the roosters rest in their little.  The cinema has never relinquished its rights to arrogance as the line producers have lined up in droves to plan and execute the boots on the ground location sets of the biggest studio projects in the world from the beginning of the industry in the 1930s.

Time and time after the beginning of the thirty’s cinematographers have issued warnings to the critters about their behavior. Stuntmen have complained on the value of love and romance in the micro-budget independent movie disasters that they are suggestively portrayed in. We do not pretend our movie directors comply simply because their individual efforts to create their storytelling in sad comedies have failed.  Dominating an already silently depressed industry is not a difficult thing to do. It is a novel experience to be suggestive in the distribution industry.  The indie movies have come a long way in the last ten years with the intent of the new lighting technics allowing the cinematographers to do hand stands while they are shooting.  The entertainment industry has exhausted its resources on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs location shot.  It took millions of dollars to shoot a scene with Snow White and her midgets and the little dwarf kids we have in this country were all offended.  In effort to make them feel better, Snow White put some love on them in a scene they are not supposed to see, because her character internalization as an actress was poor at best.  But the very next movie was Alice in Wonderland and the same female lead played Alice with the midget kids in the movie background getting paid pennies as with most of the below the line talent get paid by the Hollywood Heavyweights.  So as a result, the Meg Ryan indie movie thrill did not go through and was a bust.  Let’s go back to the sixties with the Beverly Hill Bellies and Jethro who was Max the heavyweight fighter of the world’s son.  They actually made a two hour feature out of both of these 60s sitcoms.  The anti-hero was in Breaking Bad that massive block buster hit in about 2000.  Espresso Films Digital Content Studio it uses for Post production of its assets is run by CC bel.  He has a degree in cinematic productions from Cal Tech in Pasadena and he makes the animated characters come alive for the very best of the French Riviera film festival events.  One Grammy award winner has complimented his Post production work with an elaborate blog on our independent film website.