In Hollywood today, right on Sunset Blvd, we find thousands of tourists that come to see the stars on the sidewalk.  Walk of fame as they call it from every major star from Jackie Gleason to Maxx TEE.  The indie film actors all get stars on Sunset Blvd.  I really miss the days I was chasing movie money back in the nineties.  I remember small character actors like Tommy Bull who makes fight movies to William Smith who was a character actor and played next to Sylvester Stallone in one of his Rambo movies.  But there is nothing like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop, the studio motion picture.  But Ted Cassidy, the huge large guy who played Lurch in the movie the Addams family stole the star from Arnold Schwarzenegger.    The entertainment industry is filled with struggling want to be actors who are trying to make a living creating their film art.  We respect their work efforts in Los Angeles, and they achieve great results to give to their fans.  Everlasting dreams that these folks produce are incredible.  They are enthused and they are devoted to the incredible adventure of creating the most exotic indie film in the world and that includes the country films in Germany.   So, when you take your cousin to see that special scene where the performers use the best acting methods they can find, you must eat concessions because this is where the theater makes its money.  The chain cinemas have films that are exciting to watch, and you can love each show that they showcase.  Espresso Films promotes its members and you can find down and about in West LA.   These kids are usually artist freaks but that is what makes business in the entertainment world.  Domestic customers here in the US and international customers participate in the novelty of watching the box office revenue each month. 

I was watching a girl with a harp perform on Santa Monica boardwalk the other day.  She was a really good singer and she had me glued to her ability to make her music flow in and out of the crowd.  They watched her play on stage with pure love.  This is the type of indie film scene we crave for when we set up our plays for our audience.  I asked the girl if she had any casting calls she was going to.  Sally told me she had three chances, one was a comedy play at a theater somewhere on Melrose.  She said the director asked her to come in for a second audition.  She told him she wanted to be in a Universal Studio stage set at their theme park on Saturday, but she could do it on Friday.  Animated films are the hardest films to make and they take way more skill from the production professionals than the above the line characters such as VFX and CGI experts as well as the story board designers.  Disney is the leader in these animated films but they are only followed a slight amount from the experts at Pixel who put out an excellent movie too. The actors usually do only voice overs and that makes it cool for the movie fan, guessing who their favorite leading lady is that is doing the voice over for that special animated film.  Disney Jungle Cruise is one of those very special studio flicks that we love so much and drives the movie fan crazy.  Marvel Studios also produce their fair share of great animation movies that the Marvel fans love so much.  The celebrities like these acting gigs too, as there is much less work doing voice over than acting in a scene having to worry about where your body is in a scene.  In the world of Rotten Tomatoes indie film series we get off on the new great movie King Richard which will be making the film festival tour.  How many awards will a particular experimental from Europe make?  We don’t know and probably not that many Grammy’s since they usually are not invited to the American Film Market.  However, in the balance of festival things, they are invited to a lot of them including Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival in Utah.  Disney’s Luca will get a nod for its creativity in the Grammy awards as this flick is a credit to the studio masterpieces.  Hollywood Heavyweights will be incredibly respectful to this wonderful cinematic creation since it was not made in agony like many of the other large budget productions were created.  Thus, when we move to smaller micro flicks and put only a small amount of film investment into them, we get a poorly made independent film that will not last long in the attempt to find distribution.