In the year of the independent movie, we shall reflect on some of the great cinema that Europe has ever produced starting with the first major motion picture the towering inferno.  It was directed my three directors and it was about a trip to Hattis.  But now we have the Transformer movies with the super heroes dressed up like superman and batman and such.  Then there is star Trek without William Shatner.  But there is nothing like the early seventies movie Love Story and I will always remember seeing that flick and having great dreams over that hot actress.  But then Tom Hanks is set apart from virtually every other a list actor for his role in first Forest Gump then in Dr Doolittle.   Do not take Guerilla indie films lightly as there is normally one of these low-budget cinematic art forms a year that create massive film buzz at the film markets. We here in the US, do many more mega-budget art works than there is elsewhere in the world, but we still do a lot of Guerrilla style low-budget experimental. Our site’s blog has many more struggling kids blogging than we do Studio or Television professionals. Our members are awesome artists. Many of them without a film art degree or any degree for that matter make their visions come true. The very best is our guest independent movie site. We as a Hollywood community are proud of our moviesbyespresso website. Our bloggers wishes are generally rather romantic. The entertainment business is exciting, and investing is also a thrill. Just don’t get caught up in credit card shoe string budget and forget to eat. Lots of down-and-out cinema losers in Hollywood. Capital One credit card is one of the most famous credit card film productions there is.

You can go a long way on a micro-budget film, ask the drama student. If you plan on making a credit card financed film, you might want to check with many of the struggling student which most of them have experience in almost nothing budget videos.  You can cut a below-the-line deal where you are loaning the production sets, cinematography, set prompts, costume designers, and most everything else aside from the screenplay, director, producer, and actors. But the true these below the line deals do not usually does not pay for above-the-line film talent either.  But International sales and licensing agreements are not on every corner of Sunset Blvd and you have to dig deep into the corporate Hollywood Heavyweights to find a company that is competent enough to trust to distribute the pride and joy of a marquee actor.  But once it is sold, it is worth millions to the Hollywood Heavyweight.  It also provides a nice living to that guy who got a degree in entertainment business and specialized in international independent movie sales.  We will solute him because it is a difficult type of marketing to specialize in and only the smartest, most put together professionals dare such a venture.  Pauli Murray stars in the number one documentary of 2021 and she will take center stage at the New York Festival unless getting upset by Belfast, another highlight of 2021 especially at Cannes International.  The masterpiece of 2021 will be King Richard as it is shown in the festival circuit winning top rewards for the most part of the show casings.