Steven Seagal has made a comeback as the ex a list actor has returned from Moscow to fight the villains in billy LAx’s next flick, to kill a bad guy.  Kind of a comedy and kind of a fight film which Steven Seagal being a joke of a actor will do well in.  The only guy’s Steven Seagal can beat up are the ones that let him like Shark, the famous character actor from the nineties.  Now when Reese Witherspoon does an independent film like her father, Tom Cruize did we will be laughing all the way to the box office to see this one.  Never before has Reese Witherspoon acted next to Tom Cruize and when the studio finds out it is a small budget film, ICM talent agency will be fired.  But Ted Cassidy of the Addams family will play next to Reese Witherspoon and we will see the lights go out on Half Dead Fred, the horror movie shot by Lake Huron in Michigan by Detroit.  So hang on to your pants and go down to the theaters and buy some concessions because that is where all the movie profits are at these days and enjoy yourself.  That’s right, being besties with Garth Brooks and Randy Travis, billy LAx is a major screenplay writer and he has a great script called Country Love that he created in the 90s that would have made a grand independent film had it been created by some no name movie director. It is about a Country and Western singer that was fighting his way through Branson’s country music business circuit, and he fell in love with Roxie. This would have been a awesome love story but, it is still sitting on billy LAx desk as a on a pad of paper.   But we can go to the school of the Ozarks on Friday night and see John Smith, billy LAx star of Branson as he is smothered in his love and appreciation of the next great country music book from billy LAx to convert into a visual paradise. But to many fans, billy LAx is a solid hero.   Anyway, he had significant help with many character performers from Southwest Missouri reading lines back and forth, acting out the scenes, until he knew he had the chemistry necessary to make an investor his ROI.  

A storyteller in maximum country wardrobe Maxx TEE is also a choice in Missouri to be dealt with on the Branson music circuit.  The indie movie industry missed the boat on this one in which the manuscript alone won Grammy’s at the New York Film Festival.   When the big boys approached billy LAx about making a website such as Movies by Espresso to increase the health of the industry by providing its members with great business connections, mainly from Los Angeles, billy could not turn them down.  He tried to as his time putting projects together was all consuming, but after looking and the benefits of helping all the struggling movie makers like he use to be, he took the project up as his baby. So we support him all over the entertainment world and especially in the independent film business sector.  Kurt Warner has just come up with a documentary made this year in 2022 called An American Underdog.  As most of you know, Kurt was the quarterback with St Louis Rams that won the super bowl and became America’s hero.  There has been a lot of talk about anti-hero’s amongst Hollywood Heavyweights but you cannot say Kurt came even close to that description.  He was anything but a Mafia Thriller like Brave Fellows that Robert DeMarco starred in and Kurt would tell you as much.  Kurt’s documentary will give moviegoers a whole new reason to shake Hollywood theaters up.  Those film fans would rather see Kurt than Matt Daman and his mystery murder movies.  Or another favorite is Leo when he was on the Titanic.  But then there are the kids and the Disney flicks they can hardly get enough of.  Those animations make a ton of money because they have no stage sets and the actors only do voice overs.