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Talbert Okorodudu – West Africa’s most amazing talent!

Published: Aug 24, 2021

As a young man from oil rich region and the mangrove forest there are a lot of culture around the region, from dancing to acting and artistic talents, And I am a boy who’s dad had a Western movies interest and I have loved to create a character for display so I move forward with making sure I have notes of great story around the region and the Western countries.

This continues and start working out again and again for all of my ideas been trying to reach out to them to see if they have any questions about it but I keep on working with new people and the environment for the opportunity to develop the script for future opportunities.

This led me to some great people around the world who teaches me to do it right and I have been working on the sessions to get the journey to the finish line, which I have been my pleasure since I was a young man from cultural center in the southern part of Nigeria.

This dream as a dreamer in the industry have a great story about my life and I am pleased to inform you that I have a good dream as a young man from oil rich region of Nigeria and Hollywood recommend have uplift a dream come true for me today and I am working day after day to keep on top of the industry.

My parents and siblings are interested in the project and I love their guide for me and my passion remains the same for the vision of the industry as times goes by, I develop new plans for the industry and I am in love with this job.

My gratitude to the family for allowing me to do it right and going back as plan to sell my dream to the world at large not just for money but my plan to showcase works best hand in hand with the film industry.

Today from an ancient city of Warri, Delta State Nigeria to Hollywood U.S recognize as a young man who has a dream about the industry. It’s my pleasure to the industry and my parents and my environment for having an interest entertainment  industry’s.

I am looking for a film investor or an Executive Producer who is keen on a wonderful story made into a screenplay called “Against West” written by myself.  Hope to present my story and my screenplay construct as a commercially viable script.


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