Half Dead Fred will be a romantic comedy shot in Ann Arber Michigan as an indie movie presentation to the world.  It will scare all the moviegoers half to death.  The theaters will rock their ceilings off with this film and the Cannes Internationals film festival will be meant with the most massive positive movie reviews ever.  The Transformer movie will have the newest in VFX technology meeting its demands for the latest animated super hero effects.  The new Star Trek movie will not have its ninety-year-old aging William Shatner in it however I personally think it would be a great idea.  Reese Witherspoon will now star next to Ben Affleck in billy LAx”s new two dogs and a cat flick he has just done the movie financing for with a below the line deal from Paramount studios.  Take the new film camera technology seriously as there is a new editorial on the Movies by Espresso website detailing how great these cameras really are.  But Maxx TEE, first time Espresso Film director will shoot good old black and white video to get the best effects of the later days of film.  It is impossible to think of Julia Roberts or Roseanne not being impressed with the indie movies Tom Hanks has been the best the indie movie industry has ever known and continues to be?  He is really a nice guy as I remember a story of him being on a jury trial and Tom Hanks made friends with all the little people.   I billy LAx venture to say, from the city of Angels, that the movie scarlets I have employed to act in my three movies; Behind Prison Bars, A Lady and a Dog, and Smile, you are on the short end of a long stick. So hang onto your britches, and sit down in the video game seats, and grab some popcorn from the concessions that make the theater owners rich so they can play badminton with suspense and anger and with a thrill my latest called huge dogs go to Hollywood and bite actors.   Maxx TEE will direct that flick and he will be the casting director and he will also take on the Director of Photography duties and that goes with crazy CC bel as he will be his gofer bringing daddy his ice-cold coke which is in an advertisement on TV. I was in the Golden Coral not long ago, chowing on the buffet, when a advertisement came on the TV hanging on the wall. The character actor was obnoxious C bel, and the flick was one flu over the cock nest. It was about two love birds, no really, birds like parakeets, that eloped to Los Vegas and watched nothing but commercials for two weeks. 

So if your beef is that the entertainment industry is to filled with crap.  Stuff you would not show your kids.  Then you can turn the channel as you are probably watching CNN.  If you go to indie movie Cannes International Film Festival you will probably not like the new 2021 movies as they are filled with homosexuals.  The directors are really on a queer kick and think that it is cool to give you an image of two guys doing, whatever.  But you will have fun at the French cafes talking to the international movie makers trying to get their films ranked as high as they can so they can afford to pay mommy and daddy back.  In the best of the Western movies put out by Clint Eastwood, we find the Jersey Whales movie where Clint Eastwood sits back in the corner of a dark bar just before he picks a gun fight in one of the widely known movie scenes in history.  It will be forever remembered and the kids that seen it in the days of the 80s will  act it out to their grandchildren for generations of film fans.  But when you speak of the very best of western actors, who does not talk about John Wayne in his classic movies set on stage in  Old Tucson Arizona.  The indie movie I like the best that John Wayne did was No time for Raw Hide with the famous gun fight at the OK correl.  But then you have to go with Kevin Costner and his western two hour feature too.  To many to decide from if you ask me. Don’t forget all the CNN western movies that they  put out on Cable TV either.