Steven Seagal has made the front page of the Microsoft entertainment website again as an actor up to no good.  Steven Seagal a eighties a list actor now lives in Russia and would probably be arrested if he ever came back to the US.  The only movie he could get in these days is an indie film produced by a really small production company.  It would probably sell well in Russia but that is about it.  Only Russian actors would costar with him and no studio like MGM would let him act in their movie.  Ted Cassidy or Lurch would have hurt Steven Seagal in a fight because Ted Cassidy was much larger than Steven Seagal.  However if he ever went up against the super hero’s in the Transformer movies, neither Ted Cassidy nIn the studio systems, Reese Witherspoon is a huge a list actress that supports half of the Hollywood heavy weights.  However, Reese Witherspoon rarely if ever acts in the indie film productions.  It is truly beneath the leading lady to do something like that.  But Dan Goodman has done the low budget b movies a few times.  Even though he started as Roseanne husband, he made it big as an actor.  But when watching MASH in the eighties with Alan Alda, we have a new appreciation for shooting digital production scenes.  Ten or twenty production shots have gone the way of Dan Goodman and his characterization of the most sophisticated scenes you could think of.  But when massive Ted Cassady came into the Television scene many years ago with the development of the hit TV show, the Addams family, we are now forever in favor of his incredible voice over skills. o Mark Harmon will be back on NCIS television show as LeRoy Jethro Gibbs.  Tony will also make his way on the tv show and the NCIS fans will be happy.  But plenty of TV shows are shot in Anaheim. Also, Disney Land is right smack in the middle of Orange County and many a entertainer who did not make a living migrated to Disney Land for a successful life. If you go to Santa Anna on a picnic, and see a movie theater, stop in and see your local crazy house and then go to one of the local Santa Anna steak houses and eat the salad bar, thinking about the wonderful fulfilling night on the town you just had. You can see your favorite DVD personality in Santa Anna as they normally dome down I 5 after they are done making their wild parties come true. Let the homeboys in South Central tell you about their experiences with the TV series Cops.

They get videotaped all the time. Someday it would be good to have them act in a real live takeoff from the TV show Cops, making a story teller wise from it. That would turn these hoods into a working-class set of people who star in their own play all the time. We are encouraged by the prison population, which usually hangs out on Hollywood boulevard with the dropout from the local high schools, as they make one disaster after another. These pieces of bad art added up could be a dynamic indie film showtime. But they would have to pay the prisoners the same as Kevin Costner or Julia Roberts or Clint Eastwood if they made the same trash because that is California law. So, can you imagine if Butch the killer got paid megabucks to make a TV show. The show must go on, some wise entertainment executive once said and that goes true in the strip of Los Vegas where all the theaters create the best image, they can to get their crowds to buy tickets to their shows.  I personally love the lions they have there every year, but there is also Donnie and Maria Osborn and Cher who have great shows on the strip. Speaking of Cher, it is to bad Sonny Bono died.  He was a favorite of mine back in the 70s and a great mayor of Palm Springs.  Cher and Sonny should not have gotten divorced but Greg Almond that rock star sure did take advantage of that breakup giving Cher the daughter that he did.  That kid turned out to be a transvestite and made more money than Sonny and Cher records ever did.  So, if you want to make and indie film of Sonny and Cher, you just need to buy the rights probably from Cher and then hire a ten-cent screenplay writer to get you a script and then get a short video trailer of the thing and go to the film financier and get your money.  Just like you would do with any other story teller on the market.