When shooting a movie, we have step by step processes we much go by.  Step one, get a 35 mm film camera.  Then we can make independent movies the way the Hollywood Heavyweights want us to.  With cinematic professionalism.  We can hire great actors like Dan Goodman from the TV show who made it to be an a list actor.  We can hire Ted Cassady who played Lurch.  We can get Michael Moore to direct it when he is not going crazy over his left wing politics.  Then we can get Vincent Tarantino to direct it when Michael Moore is not available.  Will they ask LeRoy Jethro Gibbs to make an NCIS movie?  I don’t know.  But it is worth a try since Mark Harmon’s full time job is an executive producer for CBS.  He is letting Tim run the production set now.  That is kind of like having Granny run the film set for the two our motion picture the Beverly Hill Bellies.   Do it for the love of the indies, not your mother or your sister. Do it for each and every Horror movie that deserves the best. If it is said, by CC bel, that Movies by espresso film blog is an awesome addition to the company and website, it must be phenomenally true. The real sad and glad fact to the Movies by Espresso Film blog is that it is angered a lot of business owners. These sad dudes are wrecked filmmakers who do not know which Hollywood actress to date because they only watch dumb and smart TV reruns. So, we all want these independent movies to shoot a flick for HBO and tear them up pictures.   But billy LAx is tearing up Sunset Blvd with his new horror flick, its not over until the dead man belches with Tom Scaly as the male lead.   The muse on CC bel’s dog dance with the flees in his donkey’s mange until the cinematic drama stops showcasing Forest Gump and backdraft and to kill a mocking idiot. If we request an angel investor from billy LAx, no telling who will show up. He was a movie broker in the 90s, and he had every ten cent Hollywood low life with a screenplay calling him up.  billy LAx did meet some cool people at the end of the 90s though and some of them, he has treasured relationship even today.  billy LAx lived on Hudson street in Pasadena and that is where he meant Maxx TEE and then some time later, a friend of billy’s hooked him up with the aspiring movie director CC bel, who are part of the moviesbyespresso business network and entertainment blog website.  Now, we have two massive Linkedin networks totally to 10,000 movie contacts to invite as bloggers to the site.  Days of gloom have also been tempered with two Facebook accounts totaling to 8000 connections, but these are not movie contacts.  However, we plan on creating Facebook and Instagram movie groups.


We are expanding and compressing and withering the studio concept of micro-budget independent movies in the effort of listing or paginating the sinister horror films of the 70s and 80s with lead men that do not have hair or gray hair on their mange. But they could be in their own business. Just not in huge actor masses such as pimples are, and they have to be in their own dramas. Bacon and Steak lunches with bitter lemon are typical female lead lunches at the film shoot and leading men will also be on staff when the production sets are shot.  But television made for TV series is the way to go today if you are a young up and coming entertainment professional. The cable networks have all the control and they actually buy the product from the indies.  The likeliness of two films coming out with the same dialog is almost non existent.  Even if they have the same screenplay writer it is not going to happen because the story lines are totally  different.  For example, a romance movie leading man will not talk the same as an action-thriller female lead.  This is one of the reasons movie directors from the studios can elect to use the same script doctors.  So move on out of the way, manuscript writers as we have a new way of doing business in town with large writer’s agencies taking the same talent and letting them write for all the different independent movies in Hollywood.  The results will be different and the storylines will be different as they create more and more art for the art-house film festivals.  They will go to different distributors of foreign movies and sell the product line.