Love is in the air when we watch the seventies move Love Story about a lucky kid that gets a love scene with a beautiful actress that just lost her boyfriend in Viet Nam.  Speaking of a great independent movie, Love Story was just that directed by a very good cinematographer who knows camera angles well.  But Dan Goodman who is an a list actor would not agree since his movies were made two decades later and were all studio movies.  Dan Goodman as we know, plays Roseanne’s husband on the TV show they did together.  Reese Witherspoon did not play next to Dan Goodman in a Walt Disney picture or any other studio picture or in any indie flick that has existed.  They would not have acting chemistry like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks even though Tom Hanks has been married for many years.  Tom Harmon was the father of Mark Harmon the star of NCIS TV hit show and now executive producer of the show.  We were strolling in the park in Escanaba Michigan by Lake Michigan when a young lady approached us with her video camera and asked us to part take in a video she was doing for her drama class in high school.  We felt as happy as you could be, acting in a real TV show.  However, she was not a very good cinematographer as she did not get the video shoot lighting right and it came out dark.  This independent movie went down the pipe of dreams as most of the art does.  Just sitting there by itself on her phone.  But that is the way most of the theater goes in Michigan.  A bad deal indeed.  So what is the answer to Michigan’s movie fans?  Maybe we should invest in a Studio.  We could put it in several of our cities like Mt Pleasant with lots of young aspiring director types to work within it creating a great entertainment product.  But then in Indiana the people would go nuts at the thought of Michigan being the next Metropolis of the box office.  The Brad Pit of Terra Haute would not be happy.  Hey, here is an idea.  We can put an YouTube VFX and editing studio in Fort Meyer.  That would solve the problem with a diversification of entertainment wealth but I don’t know if that would settle movie fans down.  It might enhance the problem even more as the celebrities would then start streaming independent movie into the state causing a scene with the crowds.  But in the end, when the silver screen starts showing Michigan b movies, we will be really excited for the state because then they will have something more than Michael Moore and Kid Rock to entertain them in the shallows of Sanford Lake.  Can you imagine a motion picture going on in Gladwin.  Wouldn’t that blow the minds of the fame in Los Angeles.  We here in Branson love our theaters especially those that have the great stage actors.  There are over a hundred theaters here but my favorite is the Sight and Sound theater.  They have great Christmas plays there and the best in the world. They are far better than anything on Broadway in New York City and in Los Angeles including the Pasadena playhouse just off Lake street.  But the rappers that play  in Branson  are none.  We do not have any rock stars here either.  Just plain old country and western singers like Dolly Pardon who owns the Dixie Stampede.   But Dolly was not only a country  and western singer but she was also a film star and she was an executive independent movie producer, financing billy LAx’s screenplay, Country Love which was about a Singer trying to break into the Country entertainment business in Nashville down by Music Row.  He ran into all kinds of problems with Roxi, his girlfriend, but ultimately Roxi won the battle and he quit the buzz.