In the bars of Hollywood, Clint Eastwood kicked off his acting career back in the fifties meeting TV producers and made his way to Raw Hide, the TV show shown in the sixties.  Clint Eastwood is one the the most important actors in the independent films industry making hundreds of very good movies that his film fan base has loved for years.  They were thrilled to have his movie about the boxer come to life in the theaters world wide and when he made his movie about the old man who helped the kid out they loved it five years ago.  It really does not seem as long ago as what it is when these movies appear.  Back in the sixties one of my favorite moves was Midnight Express, a movie that will always stick with me.  This was about a kid who was trying to smuggle drugs out of Turkey and went to jail for years;  His storytelling was very good.  But then there was Love Story, another movie shot back in the seventies about a young guy who got lucky enough to have an affair with a twenty year old beauty who lost her boyfriend in Viet Nam.    His sister Marie Osman now works in one of Los Vegas’ busiest and best casinos singing on stage in her own production designed to thrill the Los Vega crowds. But in any environment, entertainment is a challenging quest especially in the independent films world. If you are part of the business network in Hollywood or elsewhere, you have one step up on those that know nothing about theater releases. Due to sensitivity issues in this new age of politically correct statements, we invite stuntmen and makeup artists alike, to join us in the entertainment  business thrills. Be it a leading man the future is yours in the cinema business. It always has been. Smile, you are being thought of for a major motion picture at a studio. It is a red-carpet honor. Senseless irrational directors may love the screenplays, but mature stunt men will shun such comedy on stage at the icehouse.  What a shot was the love scene between Matt Daman and Roseanne Bar.  Dan Goodman will never get over it. The independent films picture business will never be the same as two frogs in a pond. Dan Quale is a loser and so is Frank Sinatra. His daughter Nancy Sinatra is a wonderful winner of a huge amount of industry awards on the very best performances we could imagine. But in the big picture, the the rest of these big name celebrities do have more than enough winners. So big winners in the party scene this week are to kill a baby bear and to pinch a ware wolf. Congratulations to the red-carpet directors and executive film producers for getting the best stuntmen and makeup artists in the business.  But the Espresso Films and movie bloggers might have an issue with bad acting as what currently happens with a list actors like Ben Afflict.  When that sort of drama occurs in the butt of the celebrity world, Jay lo will not make it better, no matter how well she sings.  If you really want to find great performances you need to go to the Ice House on Hollywood Blvd and see the latest comedy actors as they vie to get an audition with Saturday Night Live.  The independent films that are currently made in West Hollywood need better movie directors. They make trailers with the cinematography that is subpar and the movie fans do not respect the whole industry as a system of the entertainment corporations.  Smile when you see the leading men of Hollywood as they  could be much better looking.