The Sunset Blvd coffee houses are filled with the independent film crowd sitting in their sunglasses talking BS with their non caring attitudes hiding their frail little fears within their liberal psychics.  When they are offered a film directors job, they go mad wanting millions because they think they are all that and a bag of chips.  But they usually put out cinematic crap.  But they give jobs to makeup artists and stuntmen and gaffers and all the rest of the below the line people so they keep on hanging around Hollywood Blvd waiting for more money to flood their bank accounts.  Reese Witherspoon is not one of these low budget b actresses but a studio leading lady and will be treated as such by the indie crowd.  She teams up with Ted Cassady who played the star on the Addams family and will not be seen with the likes of Ben Affleck who has just married the Yankee’s ex Ja lo.  When billy LAx hears about this, he will send his digital marketer Maxx TEE to investigate and get a report for his Movies by espresso blog website.  We had a cinematographer who was shooting his favorite project told by a story teller from Santa Monica. If a Director of Photography is good, he can make your efforts walk on its own two legs. The level will really move to another level of independent film cinematography. Production locations of the movies need to be made carefully. These require designers that work on flicks all the time. Please do not think creating realistic stories told by screenplay writers is easy. It is not hard to see how millions of entertainment people who travel to Los Angeles over the years have got stuck in ruts, never being able to succeed. If you go to Sunset Boulevard, you will see the lost souls. Most of them think they have a shot to become megastars and none of them succeeding except that very few. Brad Pit was one example of a guy who traveled to Springfield Missouri to make it big in Hollywood and he certainly did. 

Strolling around the streets of Burbank is a great idea to get to know the old time entertainers like Johnny Carson.  They these age old Tinsel Town relics use to live mostly in the hills of Burbank like Roy Rogers and Dale Evens.  But as things have changed, the independent film movie makers have migrated to West Hollywood and a new sensation of the buzz has grown legs. 

Kids now come to the area to live out their dreams of making it big as filmmakers and they work hard at it with lots of struggles.  What to eat comes second to these kids and they often time wind up in the streets with Los Angeles homeless population.  The sleep on each others sofas and they love each other and support each other until one of them has success with a film director.  When billy LAx is in Tinsel Town for his showcasing of the new flick, two dogs and a cat, this comedy will light up the lives of his movie fans.  These true believers in billy LAx follow him on Twitter  and on Facebook as he posts all the different phases of making the film.  From the location of the production shots and the movie investor’s drama, to the cinematography to the post production and the VFX and CGI, billy LAx tells it all and incorporates his fans in the search for the just right celebrity to star in the movies as the male lead.  Two dogs and a cat will premier later in November at the American Film Market where billy LAx and his Espresso Films worker CC bel and Cherry, his actress and girlfriend, will be running around wearing sunglasses and talking  movie trash about the independent film he is trying to get presales for.  Right now, he has the distributor for Hong Kong interested, which is a surprise because Asian movie fans do not normally like American comedies because they do not understand the culture or the humor.  But CC bel is a funny first time film director and can sell an Canadian a snowball and his girlfriend Cherry will charm the Hong Kong movie distributors so they will sell their two hour feature to them.