By the beginning of the next year, Half Dead Fred, the indie movie currently being shot in Flint Michigan will have much more to do with the foreign film crowds then in real life horror movies.  Feature Film being shot by great directors will be seen in Cannes International Film festival as well as the American Film Market.  Set to kick off is Ted Cassady and the Addams family in Beaverton Michigan late night theater on Saginaw Road.  In Monroe Michigan the beginning of Madonna has made the town famous with her famous songs she has had in the music world for decades.  Michael Moore has also brought his films to the state as that is where the director is from.  Mark Harmon’s father, Tom Harmon played here and so Mark Harmon is from Michigan too as he brings his character, LeRoy Jethro Gibbs to life on the hit show NCIS or use to since Mark Harmon has quit the show and is now just an executive producers.  I bet he will have reoccurring roles on the show and make lots of money for those acting gigs. To get this packaged attached, with the marquee actor, and the movie director, and possibly the domestic  and international indie movie distribution, the agent should have 10% of the funding in place. If the business the executive puts this money up, it is at risk. If one of the parts of the package has an issue and sues the producer, he could be likely to lose the 10% of the money he has risked because the asset must be done in a window agreed to in the contract.   The money thing is usually not what most drama kids like.  It involves to much logic and to much sense and that is not something our artistic people are in access of.  Not that they are not smart, they are, but smart in other aspects of life like how to animate cartoons or do website design or production set designing.   We love our movie makers who graduated from the high ranked colleges like California Arts Center.   An production is put forward by one company where a contract of ownership is in place. The owners then must agree to another contract with a  distributor.  If you go to France or Germany, you can get lost in the indie movie national films they have on every corner of their country.  They are really different pictures and most not in English.  So, we can now get a Theater release for the asset in the can. If it is an art-house, there is a circuit of art-house theaters all over the US that the owner can sign contracts with. Most of the time, what you are looking for with the small cinema releases, is “buzz” for the movie promotion need.  When Robin Williams started, he was a television star on Mork and Mindy, but then because of his excellent talent agency representing his abnormal skill level, they elevated him into making studio films and an a list actor.  Nice for a guy who does nothing to deserve it.  Just sit back and do what I say, says William Morris, one of the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood.  Do not ask any questions to the actor, we make all the choices says the executive movie producer.  But on the location set, it is not the executive producer, but the movie director that determines where everyone goes and what they do.  Except they do not tell them what to say, as that is the screenwriter’s job.  The storyteller is the guy who is in charge of the location sets.  billy LAx and his great company, Espresso Films takes issue with Robin Williams and his lack of control over anything he does including reading the scripts he is given.  The bum can’t even go to the bath room at Warner Bros, quips bill LAx when discussing the Hollywood Star.  He needs to come with us and make an indie movie so he can be a real Agency Talent.  That would  be true because CC bel, our first time movie director is hard at work putting together his comedy  Two dogs and a Cat.  This two hour feature will showcase at the 2022 Film Festivals in France and Germany.  We will also push the slate at The American Film Market in November trying to get some international film sales.