Ben Affleck is now making a comeback, similar to William Shatner.  I believe his divorce from Ja Lo has spurned his efforts and made him look bad to his movie fans, but maybe not.  Who really can read the minds of the moviegoing public, unless it is in evaluating the indie film business.  When we look at the effects of a list stars on doing one of these small arthouse movies, we can imagine the box office success of such drama.  The film school student who gets lucky enough to have one of these super star actors is huge.  The technology now days that goes into even a small film is huge with the event of the digital film camera.  It use to be the cinematic cameras were huge, but they are creating great films with the iphone.  Half Dead Fred is a Ohio based horror film that has some romance in it and it will be in the Ohio theaters before long.  The distributors are bidding in a very competitive nature for the distribution licensing rights. However, Ted Danson from Cheers will not be starring in it and his old squeeze, Whoopie Goldberg will not get away from her nun movie to do it either.

Sure, the entertainment industry did not do so well in 2020 due to COVID but they are bouncing back in which motion pictures are starting to fear the cosmic more each year. I am really looking forward to the indie film AFM that will be occurring in November of this year.

This is where the best indie movies in Santa Monica will be showcased and amazing producers from Santa Monica will be there along with Hollywood a list of scarlet traversing the silver screen. Santa Monica theater releases will happen on a frequent basis. Love screenplays will be composed by novice writers and video directors will oversee the storyboard layouts. We have great fun creating on stage and on production sets. We play with the newest high-tech video cameras. Lots of cinematographers are involved in making YouTube delights. Action-packed glory are the most the world of the international fans. Lots of high school kids go to the AMC each week, increasing the box office receipts making the owners who have showcased the art work very happy, and the product does very well. Well, I am halfway through with this Espresso Film Editorial and movie blogger document on how to produce a successful life in the indie film entertainment business. These SEO documents I am producing for this site goes a long way to chasing movie fan traffic to catch the latest news on the industry. billy LAx is our mega superstar Manager of cinema reports.  CC bel our stupendous first-time digital marketer for our website moviesbyespresso.  Romance flicks are what the going thing is now in the entertainment marketing business.  They stand outside of theaters like in Old Town Pasadena offering free movie passes if you answer a marketing questioner after you are done and the crowds line up to see the freebie offered by the producers who own the film that pay for this data.  Careers come and go in the entertainment industry, but the Espresso Films careers are here to stay, because this is a passive income for the most part. Sure, it is not entirely passive, because you have to put a little bit into it, but for the most part, it just pays out.  You just need to put a blogger on once in a while and SEO the site.  Huge profits can be made by SEO and social media of this theater site and it is proven that billy LAx is going to be one rich screenwriter in the end of creating his first indie film with the directing expertise of CC bel.  We will write a great editorial on it and it will be called two dogs with one tail, a comedy but kind of sad.  The next one will be an action-thriller and it will be called Teddy gets killed.  After that, he will finance and produce an experimental film.