When the turn of the century made it clear that the world demanded independent movies as the major entertainment, great directors started to show their cinematic skills and actors started performing on theater stages in hope of being discovered by talent agents world wide.  The Italians were the first to create a two hour motion picture with the Great Inferno that was actually directed by a corporate of directors and was a very expensive arthouse film about the devil.   Ted Cassidy with the Addams family then appeared to the cinematic crowds and the moviegoers when wild with their crazy buzz that Hollywood Heavyweights delight in so much.  Mark Harmon, playing LeRoy Jethro Gibbs then came into the realm of American TV fans with his part on NCIS the hit Television show.  Reese Witherspoon became and instant film super star and she played next to Leo on the Titanic two hour motion picture which went to millions of theaters worldwide.  Lets not forget about the Transformers a massively popular animation movie with super hero animated actors and also Star Trek the next Generation which was a Universal picture.


I love all kinds Independent movies and especially the leading ladies that I meant in Starbucks. I ran across VFX and video editors and and many other post professionals in and about the towns.  I would go to eat McDonalds with friends and that is all we would banner about, besides the great burgers you can get at Burger Continental on sitting in the middle of the film district on South Lake street.  Develop and create the greatest of TV shows with Ron my best friend and meet all the TV casts that you can and you will be a happy camper in Southern California.

Back in the day the shoot of Scorpio which was the excuse of a studio flick and  developed on El Molino Blvd, in Orange California.  An time in turmoil for me as I worked for Ralph M Parsons in the newest part of the town that had just been rebuilt.   It was mildly disturbing catching the leading man run down the side of a building wall with ropes tied to his ankles like he was lounging of the flooded skyscraper which was purposely flooded on purpose by the crew and had Pasadena Fire department on standby while the mayor was standing by with a 35 mm camera shooting it like a fool.   But those were my movie making days in Northern Arizona and I will never go back to Arizona again to make another studio picture no matter how much they pay me.

The  independent movies are a world in of themselves and way more exciting than the controlled studio films. Theaters are the most fun to watch too.  If you would  like an thrill, then you can go up the hill of Lake street and you can go hiking to that hotel that is up in the Green valleys to find a YouTube in creation.  A video was shot up there about a love affair that happened a long time ago that set the stage for the production.  In effort to troll Pixel’s VFX department, we have established a monopoly on the internet for finding entertainment websites that can compete with our moviesbyespresso site and have found none. We have established a mechanism where Movies by Espresso will show up number one in Google do to our awesome SEO companies we hire that understand how to make our world work well.  Huge revenues were made from movies like King Richard who is making its rounds in the Film Festival Circuits and will be hitting the theaters at the end of this year, most likely November.  When the Cannes International  independent movies awards its merits on the best movies of 2022, we at Espresso will report on the progress of that film until it is done with the major showing and the finances have been reported.  The Hollywood Reporter is the only movie publication that does the same thing as Movies By Espresso. Tarantino is the only movie director billy LAx will give a lot of time to because to billy, he is the best arthouse filmmaker there is.  billy simply loves Pulp Fiction especially the two endings of the film.  Maxx TEE does not like Tarantino as much, preferring del Toro, but Maxx TEE does fake it when billy LAx is around because billy LAx signs the paycheck.   The industry of moving pictures as they called them back in the 30s is long improved in technology.  From the acting types like Sylvester Stallone to the Brad Pit type we have made changes. Today, an action star like Steven Segal could not get hired to make a b movie. Except Steven Segal was rich before he became a leading man in Hollywood and he invested in his own acting career.  So he was able to make the studio films that he did, but in today’s world, he would be handicapped that the studios have plenty of money to make their flicks so Steven Segal would be a star only in the independent movies.  These flicks are fun productions in that they require a lot of clever people to put them together. They are a integrated group of financiers, producers and directors that come together to put together a movie package usually with a talent agency like William Morris.  The bottom line is the box office profit that these investment vehicles make and that is what keeps the financiers coming back.