Ted Cassady the actor who played Lurch on the huge popular television show The Addams family was six nine and very talented.  He did many voice overs in Dallas and was first on the scene when JFK was killed.  You would think that when they come out with the independent movie The Addams family, he would have bee the star they would have turned to.  But Ted Cassady was dead at that time so they had to pick a leading man somewhere else.  When Reese Witherspoon got a notice of this in her mail, she made way down to Warner Bros and complained.  She also called Matt Damon up and told him to call his agent and ask if he can play Lurch.  But they said no, Matt Damon is to short.  Then Mark Harmon, star of NCIS which is on CBS Thursday night went to his talent agency and tried to get on the Addams Family movie but again they rejected the Hollywood Heavyweight.  They sell well in the foreign film sales. Not much to understand speech-wise, which is good as this type of Independent movie is a visual sell. So, if you are into flicks, well you are into Espresso Films blog and editorial site. These guys are thrilling and daring to make a statement to the world and to Los Angeles in particular. Nothing like being at the AFM, when all these sunglasses-wearing, black suit-wearing producers come through with their arrogance thinking they have a blockbuster, and wondering why they can’t get North Korea to give them five dollars for a licensing fee.

Hundreds of b movies were made each year and sold to venues like HBO and Showtime. But most were sold to foreign markets like Asia and such. These disasters needed to be high in visual content as most were dubbed or subtitled. Characters like William Smith, who incidentally played next to Sylvester Stallone, as well as David Carotene and Charles Napier, who is deceased, took lead roles on these assets. These excuses for art made the typical 10% on the sales and never lost due to the foreign guarantees. They were all made by small companies with independent movie distribution contracts making them the highest quantity of theater releases made each year in the Hollywood industry. These products mounted in the hundreds each year and kept many a movie maker employed as well as the above-the-line Actors. All you must do is call her up and tell her you to want to be a leading man in a production.  In the parent’s basement of a drama school student is where gorilla films are made.  These shorts are financed on the unexpecting parents credit cards while they are away on their vacation to Branson to see the theaters put on by the hillbillies.  The kids and their actress party friends are having a good time drinking, even though they are to young to drink, and getting into trouble and when the police come, they say they are doing a movie scene.  Hundreds of these parties happen every  weekend in West Hollywood and the same kids are up at the crack of dawn delivering their head shots to every casting director they can find at every studio they can find.  They are hoping some director puts them in his independent movie but most likely, they will strike out and go back to Michigan empty handed, while bragging about their success that they have no way of proving, because there is no film with them in it.  Nor is there any television show that they starred in.  In any case, they will survive their friends laughing at them when they go to the cinema and see the real Hollywood Leading men show their acting skills off while the kids are red with anger.