Love Story was one of the first movies I had ever seen back in the sixties when I grew up.  I could not stop fantasizing about that amazingly lucky young kid who had a crush on that twenty year old hot actress.  The independent film that started me in my favorite new hobby, watching r rated movies in the sixties was Love Story.  Then followed the Addams family with Ted Cassady and after that was the eighties with Sylvester Stallone and Rocky, the first small movie to make it big.  However, billy LAx is now directing two dogs and a cat and his moviesbyespresso bloggers will be writing about it all day and all night.  CC bel will be the director of photography and his sidekick Maxx TEE will be the cinematographer.  Reese Witherspoon will get the female lead in the movie and her marquee value will assure sales on the international markets.  Then comes granny and the Beverly Hillbilly movie that was shot on film in the early part of the decade.  The Director of Photography, or the cinematographer, shares a large part of the burden to shoot a successful project with a new High-tech video film camera meant for extreme resolution. This independent film motion picture makes you feel like you are right there, in the water with the fish, part of the equilibrium of the ocean when the movie is shot underwater. The dream that is shot in the water must use waterproof film cameras.  When making a project in New York City, you must be careful to get the right permits, else the New York police will show up on your production set, or movie location and shut you down. This was talked about by New York Senators, and they liked the locations for the shoot in Winchester County. However, not a single two hour feature was shot in New York’s Indian village. The Director of Photography for one shot in Albany was out to lunch the day the concept was directed by Steven Segal. Matt daman was on set in Albany the very same day Robin Williams, a list star committed suicide. Robin Williams, a Hollywood movie star will be missed from shooting his TV shows like batman and robin. If you want to shoot a two hour feature in Connecticut, you must jump through all the hoops Yale University tells you to jump through. Some scenes can be shot in Yale’s Drama department. The independent film drama department from Yale taught Meryl Street. But real successes are rarely filmed in New Haven Connecticut. I don’t care who is staring in it, it could be Robert Redford or Dean Martin or Elvis, or Clint Eastwood.   Whatever it takes to create a fantasy, we will recommend the want to be do it.  It could be as easy as a boat ride across Lake Michigan.  Or crewing down the Charles in Cambridge.  An independent film cannot be filmed in Boston unless Harvard is involved. Harvard School of Drama oversees all video shot in Cambridge.  When the production staff at NBC readies the David Letterman Show for a series of stage shoots, it is an extensive job.  The videographers and lighting professionals are all in fuss about the most perfect shadows that make that stage set exactly right so David Letterman can show his goofy face perfectly so when he wines about his unfair treatment and gets angry, everyone can laugh at his rich butt.  Also, when David letterman cries about the republicans, everyone can switch their parties because we want to make this over grown baby happy.  So in the middle of Television Cable network ratings, he does well because the democrats are all glued to their TVs because they have no life. But now the republicans are into their independent film and the cinema that is shot with it.  We love the movies and we love Matt Daman and his two hour features that grace the international Film Festivals like Cannes International in France.  Lets go to Sundance Film Festival this year and select one of the top movies that is being showcased in the huge slate of art-house selections.