In sixty three, when John F Kennedy was shot, guess who was one of the first reporters on scene.  A young Ted Cassady, who played Lurch on the Addams family.  You remember, the big huge butler?  Well he is part of the reason the Indie movie Addams family was so huge when it was produced in the early two thousands.  Ted Cassady rose to fame through his massive size, standing tall amongst his actor friends.  He had many of voice over and was a talented actor.  He would have played a good part on the new movie being shot in Flint Michigan, Half Dead Fred which will be distributed in twenty twenty two.  But lets not forget LeRoy Jethro Gibbs who stars in NCIS New Orleans.  And the new Transformer movie which soon will hit the studio theaters along with another Star Trek movie which will be in competition with the Transformer movie.  Shrek movie was much better than that and will make a bigger box office revenue haul.  The first Shrek was one of my most favorite movies of all.  I just saw a YouTube video of Sylvester Stallone making his last Rocky movie.  Advise to Sly, make old guy movies.  The new film cameras really are not film cameras.  They are high tech digital cameras that film cinematographer’s are using.  He really looked old and the dyed black hair was just to obvious.  What a feeling these young filmmakers get when and if they sell their indie movie shorts. To get recognized at the festivals in and of itself is a treasure to these industry professionals. So, when we start to make a asset, from outside of the realms of the studio, we will start with financing. This is the hardest part of making a creation. Anybody with money can make any type of cinema they want outside of the big boys like Warner Bros. There is a starved movie industry in Hollywood, all looking for money to keep in business. The problem with financers is that most of them are bigger dreamers than walking the walk.  They want  packages, which include an attached marquee actor or more than one, an attached director, a screenplay that has been optioned, possibly a film producer attached, and more possibly the need for a distribution agreement. If a money man has all these things, then most likely he has it already financed and does not need his specialty which is putting investment into it.

When we are done showcasing our stuff at the indie movie festivals, then it is time for partying.  It is especially fun in Santa Monica since that is our stomping ground.  We do all kinds of things afterword including crashing inside the industry parties with all the key entertainment executives getting high and drunk, we have bowling which I have actually seen small b movie stars there, we go to restaurants which you can see anybody from the no name character actor to the small director.  But in the end, the loosely knit stunt men will prevail.  Alec Baldwin will soon stop making any kind of films and move to the jail house for shooting his cinematographer with a stunt gun some bozo from his production set put in his hand.  Unbelievable, those actors don’t check the guns before they use them.  But what can you expect from a bunch of cheap below the line labor you get for the low budget indie movie professionals.