Ted Cassady who played Lurch on the TV show the Addams family in the 60s has an interesting history.  He was a DJ in Dallas before becoming the shows star actor.  But the indie film business did not recruit him as he did not make a cinematic piece of art, ever.  The TV cameras were digital then, and the film cameras are now digital now and so I guess that makes the films we see today not really films at all.  But they will still appear in the American Film Market as nice little money assets.  Ben Affleck will make sure of that since this little a lister will not appear in the low budget flicks shot by CC bel.  But Reese Witherspoon starlet in the horror film Half Dead Fred will act in the low budgets to make a dollar even if it devaluates her marquee name.  But Ted Cassady who was born in 32 would have been an a lister because he was so tall.  He stood way over the other actors in the Addams family.   Ted Danson who was the a lister that started out as a TV show actor on Cheers was not that much shorter than Ted Cassady.  I just watched Sylvester Stallone shoot his last Rocky movie on YouTube.  The two stars were actually hitting each other and Sylvester Stallone had bruises all over his face from the movie shoot.   Movies by Espresso is a wonderful term that means billy LAx is the head honcho at writing the best indie film editorials and blogs west of the Mississippi. What more could a geologist want than Maxx TEE a welder and a chef looking for his next Hollywood gig. We treasure the minutes that Maxx TEE the son of an investor and extraordinaire play write put into the love nest of his waitress at Burger Continental in Arcadia California. When CC bel spends the dollars, he earned as a digital marketer he will take Ellen DeGeneres to the cinema in Tucson Arizona. The theater release of the newest and latest and stupendous Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan creepie script will blow your socks off your hands. It is a rare treat when Gregory Peck, the age-old movie star from the 50s and 60s shows up with Brooke Shields from the 80s at a Mans Theater classic to honor the fallen heroes of the civil war and Abraham Lincoln when he was killed in the theater.  


Well, it could have been one dopy concept told by a civil war story teller, but it was only made in the desert. Love interests between the two is questionable. We often choose the want to be lovers that we want to see hang upside down. It is a rare treat for CC bel to date billy LAx’s wife but Maxx TEE is with his daughter all the time because he has put his own daughter in his up-and-coming indie film video shoot To tease a Tomboy. But if you go to Arizona and want to date a nuclear plant operator that is also a Television host, well you might be able to do it because Palo Verde Nuclear plant is there and there are documentary makers all over the place trying to get their documentaries done at Palo Verde.  The likes of a horror flick produced by a filmmaker in West Hollywood will never equate to the 70s flick The Exorcist  I was in the Navy at that time, in Nuclear Power School, and I meant a Wave from the base and we went to George Town in Washington DC and went up the steps of the production location of the movie shoot where the priest was thrown off.  It was exciting as it was one of my first movie experiences of my life besides going to the movies.  In Midland Michigan, we had an outside theater we use to go to and sit in the car and watch the movies like in the good old days. That was before the indoor cinemas had come to Midland.  But we had popcorn and hugged onto our girlfriends during the love scenes and it was nice.  I actually seen The Love Story, a 70s indie film that stayed in the head of my teenage mind for years as we loved each other back in the days of the hippies and the 60s where the likes of Clark Gable and his Hollywood Movies came from.  The horror stories were not as good back then but the hippie really weird 60s stories were on every theater play list.  In the end, we all went home and watched Hogan’s Hero’s on Television shot in video.