Ted Cassady was the main character actor of the Addams Family TV show in the sixties.  He was a great voice over actor having many different spins to his art.  However, he did not act in the independent movies that were shown in that day and did not act in the Addams family movie either.  Ben Affleck was a romantic comedy genius starring next to Cherry bel in two dogs and a cat, directed by billy LAx.  Maxx TEE the digital marketer that works for billy LAx will post multiple bloggings on CC bel’s new screenplay to kill a rabbit.  LeRoy Jethro Gibbs will go down in CBS history as the best of TV talent in the post 2000s up to 2022.  His side kicks, Tony and Tim will now take over the lead man role on the CBS hit show.  But Half Dead Fred a Toledo based Horror show will now be shot in 35mm film and post production will be done in Atlanta by an unknown post production company.  Ben Affleck will now be starring in the new Hollywood version of Two Dogs and a Cat shot by Maxx TEE of Espresso Films and the reports will be done by CC bel. The independent movies have done nothing but improve with the new state of affairs in Hollywood do to the COVID virus change in technology.  Now social media becomes an important element in producing movies and even more so in distributing movies.  Film festivals like Sundance are going to online where the voting takes place by film critiques all over the globe, instead of in Utah.  Nothing like taking your actress girlfriend to a TV show to watch a flick which was made somewhere in Hollywood by exciting new female lead. I use to live in the city of glitz.  In the Pacific ocean, near Southern California coast, lies a metropolis of pollution called Los Angeles.  It is home of the richest people in the world of entertainment including Matt Daman.   What a wonderful, exciting life the entertainment crowd produces.  

Sure, it is dysfunctional, but it is exciting to get your stuff directed by a major high roller in the independent movies business.  We would like to have a person working in Santa Monica coffee house to show up at our next casting for Girls of Southern California video.  If Vincent Tarantino was to come into an moviesbyespresso cafĂ© and order a Latte, what would the Los Angeles crowd think? They would be on the way out the door to go to Universal Studios to make a art-house with a-list movie stars like Tom Hanks.  

But it is much more fun to make show with smaller b list unheard of crowd. These performers on the b scale are much more excited to be an female lead in an drama than the A-list characters.  We do not know where to go for Saturday night but to see a silver screen with a great play list.  It is in our blood to see the likes of every Orange County celebrity that we can meet.  Say John Wayne for example.  See him live on the stage if you go with robust and zeal.  When we move in and about Colorado Blvd near Burger Continental we find lots of leading ladies eating and charming their way into the investor’s pocket book to get into his next cinematic creation.  We look hard and long for these great acting talents and they are hard to find in this city that lies a bit our of the mainstream of the creation of most of the Horror flicks in the world of independent movies.  In the love of the creators of Snow White and the seven Dwarfs Disney animation great, we are lost in time for us older people We grew up with this fairy tale and now our kids appreciate it, only because it is a huge piece of visual and audio art, not for the simplistic story it was when we were kids. Of course, that was the time when Andy Griffin use to keep families glued to their black and white TV sets.  Now Richie Cunningham from Happy Days is the biggest director in Hollywood.  Those stars are dying each day.  The Rifleman is dead and so is his kid.  But the IMAX is a new invention, being twenty years old, and it is a nice way to see the three D instead of the classic 3D glasses that came out in the 60s.  Special Effects has changed dramatically in the last thirty years from a place that the film directors once hated because they thought they  were getting away from the basics of character driven filmmaking, to the dramatic independent movies Hollywood loves.  The new Transformers animation flicks are now in production and the Transformer super heroes will be gracing the silver screen before long.

So film industry jargon has increased in maze.  We have the internet website with the latest cool filmmaker talk so do not get overwhelmed.  In the latest Abby Singer Shot production manager, it is slang but I don’t know exactly what it means.  The iconic  love story that is made into a feature had its beginnings in the late 60s with the hippie movement.  Novels are the source of a lot of fascinating screenplays however, seldom is the story line the same as the novel presentation.  Video Games have been the source of good features too, providing an excellent source of story telling from the right director who is also an gamer.  But the location sets for both micro budget and studio flicks is the same no matter where you go.  Clint Eastwood independent movies in the 70s and 80s were some of my favorite flicks I have ever seen.  Dirty Hairy was a great film and was appreciated world-wide.  It had film fans all over he world repeating his lines.  Was that one bullet or two?   You make the call punk.  Great line by Clint Eastwood and his studio film.  But we wonder who it was, what storyteller, that came up with that character?  The screenplay  was written to professional standards no one could understand in the depths of Hollywood.  Even though Clint Eastwood does not live in Southern California where the movie industry  is, but in Northern California along the beach.  These days Clint Eastwood is doing independent movies and enjoying them because they give him more freedom to express his artistic nature. He can do what ever he likes I guess and that is one big benefit to being in control of the executive producer.  He is not only the leading man of the film but his is also the director.  He manages the cinematographer and the gaffer and the rest of the below the line and the cast.