Mark Harmon has ended his career with NCIS as the shows leading protagonist. Not everyone is upset over this as the crazy chick in the funny kid like wear didn’t like Mark Harmon because of his dog that bit someone years ago.  But the independent movies in Hollywood love good old LeRoy Jethro Gibbs because they are headed for huge box office successes in the NCIS the movie which will be in the theaters next year.  The executive producers  will be making lots of money off this one as they will be selling LeRoy Jethro Gibbs and his antics hitting Tony and Tim on the back of the heads.  You could not have a better story than with Granny and Jethro in the Beverly Hillbillies which was a sitcom that was on NBC in the 60s. Then came along Maxwell Smart and agent 99 who was another television hit.  The digital world of television then entered the new age of film after 2000 when the cinematographers dropped their 35 mm cameras for the new digital cameras giving the name of two our feature film a new meaning.  The post productions are much easier to do now days and the experiences of the movie fan are much better.  The directors of the past are long gone replaced by new and exciting film school talent coming into the cinema scene.  The screenplay writers are absolutely different than those of the past.  I don’t know if the characterizations of each actor is better but the scripts are surely different because they are factoring in the age of digital electronics.  billy LAx is surely coaching his Espresso Films editorial department to do more in the lines of digital movies.  This could go to the movie fans this year. Maybe Tom Cruise could be the male lead. That would be one heck of a great independent movie, hu?  This is the SEO document for Espresso Films editorial and blog site. I have just tried to help Jack Yakim Espresso Film blogger with his movie narrative down in Venezuela. He seems to be fairly large in the film industry in Venezuela. We have had the indies on our to-do sheet here at Espresso Films. We were at the theater in Branson. It is a regular play type Theater not an independent movie type of theater. It was fun, but a Hollywood Starlet was not there.  But the international rapper Ice Cube is in house singing the blues with Elvis in the background, ready for one of his 50s movies.

The Theater release was small at the Black bears in Branson. Dan Goodman is a green list actor movie star from Greece. His mother is a b list starlet from Mexico in the Atlantic. We go to see both of them, together and separately at the Universal Studio Theaters presenting the block busters. If you go to see a independent movie Disney and you wind up seeing a picture from Warner Bros, you made a mistake because you need to see an art form from DreamWorks.  That might only  be a weekend trip to the cinema but in that short period of time you can get your celebrity fix.  Back in the  corner of the Hollywood bar is Matt Daman wearing sun glasses even though it is pitch dark in the place.  I think him and Magic Johnson are pounded Whiskey sours talking to a couple of female leads in Matt Daman’s next flick.   You can see Kevin Costner’s flick Field of Dreams and you will love the small part type actors that make the cinema so good and make it an excellent independent film.