The new Transformers movie is about to come out at the same time as the new Star Trek movie.  Now all the super heroes form Hollywood’s imaginative storytellers will be on the front line to make mega dollars at the box office.   But the independent films that are of such concern to compete with the studio flicks are on full display at the film festivals in Santa Monica Film Festival.  The slate of fifty is awesome bringing back super stars like Bill Murry in his movie that showcased worldwide last year.  The young directors that are showcasing their cinematic creations are competing fiercely for the slate of fifty at Cannes International film festival.  In high regard for the American Film Market, or The AFM, we will be inviting the foreign distributors to the presales of the films.  billy LAx will be trying his best to get his new movie two dogs and  a cat out to the public and the bloggers at Espresso Films will be doing their best to promote CC bel and his new screenplay  To catch a Rodent starring Cherry bel.  Maxx TEE the digital marketer for moviesbyespresso will be going out to his vast LinkedIn network and trying to find new and exciting Hollywood talent to blog for the site.  The very best entertainment editorials are showcased at Movies by espresso so find your way to the site and get informed on your favorite celebrity.  Reese Witherspoon has come up with a new movie, with Cherry bel, a tell all documentary of how to take care of farm animals.  Ben Affleck will be starring with her as she convinces Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks to take on the production.  But they are a long way from signing the studio deal as the next movie companies are headed towards animation projects utilizing the best VFX talent in the world.

It will probably be in Arkansas as there are a lot of chickens and a lot of robins in little rock that want to star in Hollywood independent films. Due to the virus spreading through Pasadena and Los Angeles and West Covina, we are forced to take production of TV in Orange County. It is a lonely spot to exist in highlight to the television series in creation of Last elephant standing, an treatment about a rhino and an elephant in love in South Central Los Angeles. Become an espresso films blog member by submitting your entertainment profile and your image and your movie blog to billy LAx to get it approved. It is apparent some moviemakers can not read the blog submission document. It is absolutely necessary to get a stupendous and meticulous post up. Do not mistake or delay your picture-perfect report. We wait hard and fast for your entertainment blog as we treasure our members like Benny Hill treasures his Television producers. In St Louis Missouri, we await all University of Washington cinema buffs.  Now playing at the Roosevelt Theater in downtown West Hollywood, is the Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the lead man. His sidekick, Mickey Mouse from Disney will be the leading lady for this one-time late night show.  The universe of the independent films fantasy world  has not seen such concepts since Rocky and Swing blade independent films showcasing graced the silver screen in West Hollywood. Dominating the air wives is Benji the female dog heroine who stars next to Dino the Beagle in their love for theatrics To Watch a Pointer. We are paying tribute to Maxx TEE, the adjunct professor from Cal Tech who also makes videos. He wrote one movie called Expression of a Down the Road from Cal Tech.