When last week Alec Baldwin shot dead his cinematographer with a supposed prop gun, it made all the Hollywood heavyweights shake in their boots.  They know it could have happened to any of them and Alec Baldwin is probably going to the big-house for the rest of his life.  But in the independent film industry, the last laugh will be on the director because it was his job to make sure the movie crew was behaving properly and not putting live rounds in a prop gun.  The Transformer movie is soon to be released along side of the new Sar Trek movie and the cinematic space age fans will go crazy with joy knowing they can get a two for one space cinema.  However, Half Dead Fred the Ohio horror film will be shot near Toledo next week by billy LAx who will ask CC bel to be his director of photography and Cherry bel to be the leading lady.  Maxx TEE, the digital marketer for Espresso films will be blogging about Cherry bel and her characterization of the film’s star.  LeRoy Jethro Gibbs may be the films male lead if he can get Tony and Tim to take over the NCIS investigation next week on the hit CBS thriller.  Just let the cast of Shark Tank down easy as that rich billionaire that likes to get himself put on TV a lot will want to be in billy LAx’s next flick.  I knew an actor, Shark, who starred next to Steven Segal. He said that he tried to hurt the character actors that were in his independent film. Shark did not like Steven Segal, but the acting pay was good, so he took the acting job on the production set. I had a friend Howard Dalman who was a screenplay writer. Howard and I tried to do our own flick. We were not successful, but we had a good time trolling the American Film Market in Santa Monica California. We meant Charlie Nipper there and Charlie, who was a solid Hollywood star, agreed to be the male lead. 

Howard did a short shoot with Charlie, but what they wanted to do, went nowhere. When John Doe’s company decides to make an indie project, they put up capital or a production budget. This allows the  producer to option the screenplay. It also allows the him to sign a film director for the shoot. Lots of times, the guy will give the other guy points on the backend of the investment partnership. It used to be that phone rooms would boiler potential angel investors into a partnership. That became illegal at the end of the 90s and the partners started to use more inventive investment raising schemes than phone brokers. The boiler rooms  are a great industry mainly in Los Angeles California but can be in Europe too when it comes to experimental films. Europe is where art-house films started, but many of these projects  are now shot in the valley of Southern California. Many artsy movies are shot in the bay near San Francisco. They are shot on a shoestring independent film budget, many of the production staff and the above-the-line work on a points basis, letting a new movie maker get his feet wet before they start hammering him for their paycheck. To make an idea come to life is a job that is supported by a huge production group of professionals.  Going to the shows is a great idea to release that urge you have of wanting to make a career in cinema.  The vast number of people who migrate to Southern California are going their to escape a bad life, starting a new life in show business.  Two hour features are the normal choice of these people because they are the easiest to break into.  Being a success is a different story as most young movie makers fail.  The success of a movie investment that many speculators make, some not to informed, is dependent on the talent agencies package.  Marquee names will guarantee a certain amount of international film sales but that usually is far below the money that they put into the film, especially expenditures on above the line cast.  The actors surely cost the most as they are the ones that the sales is leveraged off.  The rest of the cost is peanuts unless we are talking about a huge animation studio movie.  An independent film does not require as much of a production budget and the line producers job is much simpler since he does not have to answer to out of control studio executives.  The last time Pasadena Films financed and produced a movie, the production budget was under $2 million dollars.  What studio film costs under that amount of money.