Half Dead Fred, the Horror flick that is being currently shot in Michigan has the promises of being the next huge low budget success at the film festivals.  We will be seeing it at Sundance film festival in Utah and all around the globe.  billy LAx will be promoting this indie film as one of the best in Hollywood via his Espresso Films website and the bloggers will be writing away on the benefits of watching Half Dead Fred on Saturday night at the theaters in Beaverton Michigan.  Star Trek will also be shown at the same time at the AMC theaters playing in Midland Michigan where billy LAx come from.  Maxx TEE will be showing his acting off in Half Dead Fred.  But Reese Witherspoon is now competing with show time on CC bel”s directorial debut.  But Cherry bel will take the lead female in Two dogs and a Cat which CC bel is the screenwriter also.  Alec Baldwin wants to act in it, but the Hollywood superstar will probably have to go to jail for murder as he shot his cinematographer on the stage of the movie. Mark Harmon also quit NCIS this week, leaving his sweet fans in a roar as they have tuned out the CBS TV show for good.  To bad for LeRoy Jethro Gibbs unless he wants to make a return which would excite his fan base.  Cinematic effects are difficult to produce in Hollywood. These wonder shows are hard to finance especially. If a indie film producer tries to leverage his assets, he had better have concrete items to get the financing required. Espresso Films can help with production budgets if our bloggers need us to provide such financial instruments to them.  In the aftermath of COVID, when the whole of the entertainment business has went on a spiral down, we at moviesbyepresso editorials will produce fiscal leverage against assets if billy LAx authorizes to create that sort of entertainment business.

Invitations to a Santa Monica party with celebrities are absolutely the most thrilling type of engagement a newbie to our network can get. The industry leaders are a way of life for cinematography. However, unlike the studio sets, the corporations have much less elaborate stages, lighting, and cameras. It used to be art-house flicks would be shot on 16 mm but now, video rules.  These phrases have been around since the thirties, back in the day of the real silver screens. The flicks back in the thirties were shot on sandpaper and were grainy. They had old-time male leads like Benny Hill. We loved our Rock Hudson of the fifties. Then there was the indie film  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. These classics were great performances by the two artists. I remember in Beaverton Michigan going to a small Theater just off Saginaw Road and seeing these Theaters filled with the wood choppers and dear hunters. We had kids all over, laughing and screaming, standing impatiently in lines to see these great classics.  The love of the business is what drives Maxx TEE.  He is our star digital marketer for Movies by Espresso and he is our first time film director putting forth 100% effort in his movie making skills he learned at UCLA drama school to make sure the link juice keeps flowing to our best film bloggers we have.  Sergio just submitted a blog telling us why writers get blocks when the create their masterpieces.  Veronica Taylor is our second writer who is trying to make a buck off all this screenplay stuff.  It is a hard business and we are happy that we have an income here do to Google Adsense put on moviesbyespresso on each page.  So as we close out this page that promotes our Espresso Films home page, let me give a plug to that indie film producer that can make things go in the industry that is beloved by the career entertainment professionals world-wide.  We even have movie reporters in China and Iran.  They are scared the government will find out and they will be burned to death, but these brave filmmakers are creating a lot of documentaries that tell us the harsh conditions of all the people trying to escape from sure death of hanging movie directors.