The Transformers movie is one of this years top grossing flicks at the box office.  It rates right there with the new star trek movie and would star William Shatner but these days he is being shot into space for the good of his ninety year old marquee value.  But in the independent movies, we know that William Shatner’s foreign sales is little of nothing and he should stick with Television commercials because TV shows is where his fan base is.   But Reese Witherspoon is a different story when it comes to presales value in the foreign film markets.  The movie distributors will be chomping at the bit for a Reese Witherspoon character bit in a small indie.  Don’t let Ben Affleck get involved or he will make some producers rich just off his name.  Half Dead Fred will show up at a theater in France and the Cannes International film festival will surely put it on the slate of fifty that they give their awards to.  But Don Knots from the Andy Griffin Show from the sixties were still alive, he would be one of the best paid actors in Hollywood.   His kid went on to star in Happy Days with the Fonzie who is Richie Cunningham.  That was the same year that Cheers with Ted Danson was on TV.  Ted Danson made some huge studio movies if you remember.  When a director for a small indie film such as Swing Blade makes it big, he can make a lot of money. The film profits are huge. He will be able to take his family, who up to then, has been pretty much impoverished, to the nicest places in Los Angeles. Maybe to a nice restaurant in Pasadena.  Pasadena is a haven for entertainment professionals to live.  There are many stunt doubles and gaffers who make a home in the hills by California Art Center.

He can take his family to the AMC Theaters or one of the smaller silver screens in and around Los Angeles to see his favorite performer and eat concessions like popcorn. Nothing like having a big box of popcorn and wearing the 3D glasses while watching your favorite Hollywood star in the popular independent movies that he has been in.. 

Developing a great social life is one thing the theaters are good for.   We as a family love to see adventure flicks and male lead like Kevin Costner in his Tinsel Town. We loved the Bodyguard with Whitney Houston. Of course, these are Studio pictures. But the art loves produce its fair share of great lead females too. Do not delay, pick your kids up today and see a friendly family entertainment shows. Something that entertains the whole family.  Create a loving relationship with your wife and you will make lots of friends in the business of the arts and entertainment.  We wish all those the happiness and success of a family bonded in love.  If you go to the theaters in town and see the local actors perform. You will make your family even more on course.  Then you have to see the series of John Wayne independent movies and wear your cowboy hat.  So at the end of the day, when your son decides he want a career with Disney, then you can charm your way into his life to redirect him to DreamWorks or a company that means something in the world of entertainment.  But maybe your kid will grow up to shred the emotions of film directors like del Toro who is peanuts compared to the avalanche of product that comes from the Cannes International Film Festival  who your kid may well be the Grammy award winner.  World-class filmmakers hit it big if they find the special screenplay that was written my  a true story teller that can advance the ages.  An American Underdog about a special American Football player can win the heart of the movie fans as much as a two hour feature can.  It will be released to the venues in 2022 and is making its rounds in the Film Festivals at this time.  Maybe Bong Joon independent movies might compete with Kurt’s story but hardly unlikely in the United States where football is part of our culture.  Action Thrillers are also  a love of the American movie fan bringing the old stars like Steven Segal to the board as he beat up, or at least tried to beat up, all his stunt men.  I had a friend by the name of Shark who sparred with Segal and talked nothing but bad about him. Steven Segal now lives in Russia and is a pal of Putin and the communists. Long live del Toro another phenom in the art world of motion pictures.  del Toro was at the New York Film Festival hitting on all the actresses moving around trying to get their gig.  But the camera angles and apertures were not set correctly by del Toro’s Director of Photography so the leading ladies did not get the showcasing they needed, to bad for the indies.